MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: September 12, 2018
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Jason Martinez
In case you all haven't seen this yet, Alex Bregman now has 100 runs, 100 RBI, 50 2B, 30 HR, 85 BB and 10 SB. In last week's chat, I said I didn't think he would win the AL MVP (in 2018) with Jose Ramirez, JDM and Betts all having been in the league longer. I could be wrong.
Cobb has been good in the second half and Cashner has been okay(?). Would someone trade for them this offseason?
Jason Martinez
Sure. Less years and $ owed, less risk. And Cobb should be much better over 30 starts with a full spring training. Cashner is underrated because he seems like he should be way better, but he's been one of the most durable starters in baseball over the last 6 years (averaging 26 starts/season).
Martin Jasonez
Biggest non-pitching singing the Yankees will make this offseason?
Jason Martinez
What do they really need? They have plenty of outfielders and appear set at 2B, SS, 3B, C. Maybe a 1B if they don't believe that Bird will ever bounce back to his rookie season form or don't believe that Voit is the real deal over 162 games.
STL Cards
Is Carlos Martinez better suited for the bullpen or the rotation? He's done really well closing recently, but he's also been a really good starter as well.
Jason Martinez
He's a really good starting pitcher and he was durable from '15-17. No way that they take him out of that role in '19, although he's very valuable in the bullpen right now because they need help in the late innings. And if he can pitch at least every other day, he could be the key to any playoff success.
Hot Corner Hero
Who plays third base for the Braves next year? Riley? Camargo? Machado?
Jason Martinez
I think they'll consider adding Machado or another free agent 3B (Donaldson, Moustakas). If they really believe in Riley, I think they'll stick with Camargo at 3B/Swanson at SS to start the season and the move Camargo to SS once Riley proves that he's ready.
Jon lee
Can i say the braves finally going to the playoffs or to early
Jason Martinez
Oh yeah. They got this.
Odds that Blake Snell wins the Cy Young?
Jason Martinez
He has a very good shot, especially considering that he's the best player on one of the most surprising teams in '18. I'd give it to Verlander, but he has to finish strong and get a few more wins under his belt. Regardless of how many other factors going in to a pitcher getting a "W", Snell could have 20-22 wins and that's still considered a really big deal in the baseball world.
Just a random person
German Marquez the Rockies ace?
Jason Martinez
I don't know if he's separated himself enough from Gray or Freeland. That group is quickly establishing themselves, however, as one of the best young trio of starters in baseball.
Do you see the Mets making deGrom or Syndergaard available this winter?
Jason Martinez
For sure. But they have all the leverage. Go into 2019 with one of the best rotations (deGrom-Syndergaard-Wheeler-Matz) or have a team desperate for an ace give up a ton of young talent.
Do you think the Padres move Hedges this offseason? If so, what's the return?
Jason Martinez
Doubtful. He is the such a key to their transition from rebuild to contender because they're relying so much on young pitching, some that have already arrived (Lucchesi, Lauer, Nix), and a lot more on the way (Paddack, Espinoza, Quantril, Allen). Hedges is like having another coach out there. And he's been fine at the plate since slumping early on. Legit gold glove candidate and 20+ HR guy.
How big a setback is Kopechs injury?
Jason Martinez
He'll miss 2019, assuming he has TJ surgery but should be back to full health in '20. It is a setback for the White Sox, but not at all unexpected. Pretty common injury over the last decade.
Jeffrey Todd Helton
Will we ever see a world where people don't use the win stat to judge pitchers?
Jason Martinez
Not completely. It's already lost a lot of its importance in the mainstream. But the guys on the field do focus on one game at a time and a starting pitcher getting a "W" means they did their job for that day, even if they gave up 5 runs in 5 innings.
I like the "quality start" stat since ERA, just like wins, can be misleading. I'm more concerned with how many  starts the pitcher gave his team a chance to win vs how many teams they didn't.
Bryce Harper’s WaR
Bryce’s Wins Above Replacement stat is only 1.4.  How is that worth $30M+ per season?
Jason Martinez
He'll get that much because he's a force in the middle of the lineup (.400 OBP, .500 SLG, 30-40 HR, 100+ RBIs, 100 BBs) and he'll only be entering his age 26 season. I'm guessing his defense hasn't been all that great if his WAR is low, but he's made 52 starts in CF and he's not a CF. He'll also put fans in the seats because he's a recognizable name.
Does Ronald Acuna Jr really have a legitimate chance at the NL MVP?
Jason Martinez
Nope. Too many good players who will have at least 100-150 more plate appearances (and thus, higher number of counting stats) than Acuña. Kid is impressive, though. Going down to the wire for ROY with Juan Soto.
Should SF trade MadBum ?
Jason Martinez
Next July if they're out of playoff contention. With that said, it wouldn't hurt to at least find out what teams would be willing to give up for him this offseason. Probably not enough.
Mike Soroka
Because Mike Soroka doesn't have Hunter Greene or Michael Kopech like velocity, could he last longer than the harder throwing starters
Jason Martinez
I can't say this for sure, but I think it's more about % of max velocity and mechanics. That's my uneducated guess. Eno Sarris tweeted a list of pitchers with lowest/highest max velocity (last offseason, I think) and the list of lower max pitchers had been durable, if I remember correctly.
Dave Roberts
Any chance I lose my job if the Dodgers miss the playoffs?
Jason Martinez
He has 2 division titles and an NL championship in his 1st 2 seasons and they should have at least 90 wins. Unless his game management skills are awful (I hear complaints about most managers), there's no way he loses his job. And even if they were, I think they consider Roberts a young manager who can improve in that area.
Who is the next big pitching prospect to get a taste of MLB hitters
Jason Martinez
Jesus Luzardo (OAK) is likely going to be the guy everyone is talking about next April. Mitch Keller (PIT) and Logan Allen (SD), Taylor Widener (ARZ) and Chris Paddack (SD) are a few other guys that could be making a case by early '19. Justus Sheffield and Michael King are also close, although it will be tough for both to crack the Yankees rotation.
Somehow not a cubs fan
Ive heard and seen that Kopech has some weird mechanics and delivery. Do you think that did that contribute to his TJS. Best guess?
Jason Martinez
It's possible. I wouldn't be able to break down mechanics. We can see guys that have a "violent" delivery and those that have a seemingly effortless delivery (see Alex Reyes), but there really isn't one particular thing we can point at. Apparently, no one is safe.
Garrett Richards
Where do I sign? And for how much?
Jason Martinez
He'll probably get the same as Michael Pineda and Drew Smyly (2/10). Most teams would be willing to pay that amount for a full season of Richards in '20 so it's really up to him. He's from SoCal so probably would just stay with the Angels. Padres would be a good spot, too.
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