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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: September 19, 2018
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Jason Martinez
Welcome. In case you missed it, I wrote about the Top 20 players in my 2018 MiLB Power Rankings here ...
Joe Panik - still a Giant next year?
Jason Martinez
I believe so. He'll probably get around $5MM in arbitration. Don't think they'll non-tender him after one bad season. Not sure how much trade interest he'll generate. I think he'll bounce back to his '17 form.
Robot chicken
Morton to the Yankees 2 years $50M?
Jason Martinez
Let's not get crazy here. It wouldn't be surprised if he got more than his last deal (2 yr, $14MM), but he's heading into his age-35 season. Maybe 2 yr, $22MM?
Any chance I can convince Pujols to retire before the end of his contract?
Jason Martinez
The Angels can make it easy on him by just paying out his contract and opening the roster spot. But they can't convince him to retire. Albert will go out on his own terms. As of now, I think he'll try to get healthy and plan on staying thru '21.
Fan of the Game
Likeliest outfielder to be dealt by the Padres?
Jason Martinez
Renfroe has the most value based on the season he's having. Myers' contract will make it difficult to trade him. Margot isn't having a great season. Franmil's sample size is too small, although I think other teams are intrigued by him. With that said, I think Jankowski could be a really good fit as a 4th OF on a good team. I'd guess he's the one that will be traded.
FYI - Padres will enter the offseason with 49 players on the 40-man roster and they'll need to clear at least 5 spots for the prospects who need to be protected from the Rule 5 draft. So expect a lot of trades.
What do you think the chances are that the Giants resign McCutch for ~3y/30mil? Sounds very SF to me..
Jason Martinez
I can see him returning, but 3/30 doesn't seem like it would enough. If he doesn't get at least $13-16MM on a multi-year deal , I think he'd take a 1 yr deal. Still young enough to get another big deal if he is really good in his age-32 season.
Cincy Fans
I’ve been wondering this for a long time. How did we drop the ball so bad on the Chapman trade (no one left in the organization from the trade), but the Yankees somehow get Torres?
Jason Martinez
Always about leverage and timing. Teams knew the Reds wanted to trade Chapman and there wasn't a huge sense of urgency during the offseason. Cubs really needed a closer with the trade deadline approaching. Yankees set the asking price high and the Cubs were willing to meet it since they thought Chapman was the final piece.
MN Twins!!
How good can Alex Kirilloff and Royce Lewis be for the Twins it seems most of their top prospects over the years have flopped once reaching the show???
Jason Martinez
Every prospect is different. Just bad luck so far. Both of those kids seem legit. The key is to have a solid MLB roster and plug those guys in when they're ready and not when the team needs them to be ready.
Ross Atkins
Justin Smoak will be my most valuable trade chip this winter excluding my treasure chest of prospects. Thoughts?
Jason Martinez
I think he'll have some value because the free agent market for 1B is weak and he's a bargain at $6MM. But 1B haven't been in high demand. Not sure that will change much this offseason so Jays are probably better off holding on to him.
Do you think Keuchel or Corbin will land a bigger contract this offseason?
Jason Martinez
Corbin. He's 2 years younger and his peripherals are way better. 11 K/9 for Corbin and Keuchel has under 7 K/9. Corbin has also been durable since TJ surgery.
Who are the next teams to complete blow it up?
Jason Martinez
I don't foresee any new rebuilds starting this offseason. Mets would have the most intriguing rebuild, but their roster is too good when healthy. I think they'll be open to trading one Noah, deGrom or Wheeler.
Yesterday, Steve mentioned in chat that Morton could get $20MM+ a year on a short term deal. When brought up in this chat, Jason thinks the question is crazy. Who should we trust? Jason or Steve?
Jason Martinez
I think $25MM/year is crazy talk for a guy entering his age-25 season and a long history of injuries. I'd be surprised if he gets $20MM, but things can change early in the offseason once the market is set.
If you've read any of my chats before, you'll know that I don't trust any pitchers to stay healthy/pitch effectively. Steve and I could have different opinions and I'm sure we'd both have good arguments.
Who will be the Cubs closer in the playoffs???
Jason Martinez
If Strop isn't available, I really think they'll mix and match. You can look at that as a bad thing because they don't have one guy they can count on over the others. Or a good thing because Maddon has multiple guys he can trust, based on the match-ups.
It's probably a bad thing, though.
Jason, please tell me youve seen this bad boy on the streets of SD
Jason Martinez
No! I've only seen pictures. I'd buy it if was ever for sale.
Andy Green
Have you heard of this kid named Jose Castillo? Pitching good so far, could he possibly be our next closer for the next decade?
Jason Martinez
I've seen him in person at least 10 times. He's dominated in most of his outings. Lefties can't touch him. Right-handers haven't had much luck, either. I wouldn't throw him into the closer's role yet. But with Castillo and Matt Strahm, they have two really good lefties to use in the late innings.
What kind of a deal do you think Holland gets next year after his turn around with the Nats?
Jason Martinez
I think it will get him another one-year MLB deal, but no more than $5-7MM. I'm sure it will include incentives to push it over $10 if he closes.
Ranger Da nger
Wow, what more can a guy do??! Leclerc has done a phenomenal job of closing for the Rangers over the last month but a few places I've read that the Rangers may go out and get a "proven" closer for next year. I think if they give Leclerc the job they can go and concentrate on other positions of need (hello starting pitching?).
Jason Martinez
Since Leclerc isn't even eligible for arbitration, they can probably afford to be aggressive in their pursuit of late-inning bullpen help. Certain guys might not sign there unless given the closer gig and a good contract. If that were to happen, it would probably just be short-term. Leclerc is too good.
Trevor Story grabbed shortstop out of spring training a few years ago during the Jose Reyes debacle. Could Brendan Rogers conceivably do the same thing at second base if they let Lemahieu go / can't afford him?
Jason Martinez
Sure. If LeMahieu doesn't re-sign, I think they'll be fine with the in-house options (Hampson, McMahon, Rodgers) battling it out. Maybe they get a 1-year veteran stop-gap like Daniel Descalso who could be valuable off the bench should one of the youngsters win the job.
Likelihood reds add a pitcher this offseason???
Jason Martinez
They need at least 1 SP. So many options, but not sure any of them can be trusted. I'm sure 1 or 2 have the ability to take a step forward, but can't count on that.
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