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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: September 26, 2018
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Jason Martinez
Orioles are now 60.5 games back in the AL East. I don't think they're gonna catch the Red Sox. A lot of people thought the Orioles would be bad. But raise your hand if you thought they'd lose 112 games (and counting).
At the end of the regular season, I enjoy looking at standings, stats and depth charts and seeing how many things happened that no one in their right mind could have predicted. What are your favorite crazy things that have happened?
whitesox fan
Yoan Moncada Hype or a breakout candidate 2019
Jason Martinez
I usually project a breakout in their 3rd full MLB season. With Moncada, he'll definitely be underrated because he's just been ok this season.
Card Fan
Has Bader done enough to secure CF next year in STL or will they be going back to the Fowler well? .275/20/20 ain’t a bad deal when combined with that glove.
Jason Martinez
I think he'd done enough for the Cards to entrust him with a starting job in '19. Fowler will get every chance to win a spot. But I can see Fowler, O'Neill and Bader getting plenty of at-bats between the two spots. I can see them trading Jose Martinez to the AL to clear some at-bats and Carpenter can continue spending most of his time at 1B.
Theo's Aneurysm
Tyler Chatwood has pitched 7 inning since August 11 and still leads the MLB in walks by 9.
Jason Martinez
Not a major surprise (if you ignore that he's only pitched 7 innings since Aug. 11). So hard to predict baseball. You figure a 28 year old who is pretty good at Coors Field will only get better once he leaves.
Would the Braves really trade up to 3 pitching prospects for Realmuto knowing they may have to face them the next 6 years?
Jason Martinez
Depends on the pitching prospect. They have so many good ones, it's a given that some will get traded. But 3 in the same division? Could make that trade less likely. But Realmuto is really good.
Vlad Jr starting 3b for the Jays next year?
Jason Martinez
Should be his job by late April.
Do we see jo Adell next year?
Jason Martinez
It's possible, but I'll say early-to-mid 2020. Should reach AAA as a 20-year-old, which is kind of a big deal.
Anything Jake Degrom needs to do tonight to wrap up CY Young award or is it already in the bag
Jason Martinez
If anyone isn't voting for him, it's because of the 9 wins. So I guess getting an actual "W" would help. Maybe double digit wins could make a difference.
What’s worse? Orioles at 61.5 out or Giants with 2nd highest payroll in baseball 15 games out?
Jason Martinez
More embarrassing for the Orioles. Giants weren't out of the NL West race until mid-to-late August. That's a lot of meaningful games for the fans. I imagine they're kind of spoiled, though, after '10, '12 and '14.
Smart money has me moving this offseason. Do you agree?
Jason Martinez
I thought there was no chance with current management in place. Makes sense to try and compete in '19 and trade him at the deadline if they're out of it. But new GM could get backing from ownership to start a rebuild. If not, I think MadBum stays.
Do Tatis and Bichette both stay at SS?
Jason Martinez
Until they prove they can't. Enough of the experts think they can stick at SS so we'll see. I think it has more to do with team need. Padres need to add an impact bat at 3B or SS. I think they will plug in Tatis at the other spot when he's ready.
Pirates Fan
Who do you see as the Pirates opening day SS? Newman has struggled and I dont think hes ready, but the Pirates tend not to spend money in offseason acquisitions.
Jason Martinez
Seems like a one-year stop-gap makes sense and they can re-assess after Newman and Cole Tucker have had another season in the upper minors.
So maybe a Jordy Mercer or a Jordy Mercer type. I've watched Freddy Galvis all season with the Padres. So underrated. He would be a good fit.
Aaron Boone
Most underrated move of the deadline at the time (i.e. least positive praise at time)? Most underrated deadline move now (i.e. still not getting the love it deserves)?
Jason Martinez
The Luke Voit trade, of course. The Happ and Eovaldi deals didn't get a ton of hype. Lots of reliever deals, as well, but those could stand out a bit more in the playoffs.
Who is the Tigers best trade chip this offseason?
Jason Martinez
Probably Castellanos. Won't get a huge return for his final season before free agency but that will only make him more popular. Fulmer's value is down after so-so season and knee surgery. Not the ideal time to shop him.
How much do you think it would cost to sign AJ Pollock?
Jason Martinez
I'd think he gets something close to Lorenzo Cain's contract (5/80).
Who should I trade away when I sign Bryce? And what for?
Jason Martinez
Schwarber's had a pretty good season. He'd look really good in the middle of an AL lineup. Should have some good trade value and Cubs do still have an abundance of OFs.
Yelich and Betts =MVP
Jason Martinez
Not gonna get too many arguments if those are the picks.
Trout the Goat
They are gonna waste my whole career. I gotta get outta here, and head east. Do you agree?
Jason Martinez
It's getting to that point. Angels are in a spot where they either have to be aggressive this offseason and build a legitimate contender around Trout or trade him. So if Arte Moreno isn't willing to add much more to the payroll, they should trade Trout.
Aaron Boone
Who's NYY's starting 1B on Opening Day 2019: Voit? Bird? Andujar?
Jason Martinez
As good as Voit has been, not sure how he can't be the frontrunner in '19. Risky because of the small sample size, but not sure they'd invest in another 1B when Voit could be legit. Need a good backup plan, though, which shouldn't be too difficult. Bird could play in AAA and would be insurance if Voit struggles.
Rob Manfred
Rolaids Reliever of the Year?
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