MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: September 27, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Fun fact of the day: Despite posting a sub-.700 OPS in his age-37 season, Albert Pujols is still pretty good in what FanGraphs calls "high leverage" plate appearances ... 23-for-72, 3 HR, 5 2B, 35 RBI, 7 BB, 13 K.
If you're an Angels fan, I'm guessing that probably doesn't make you feel that much better about Pujols still being owed $114MM over the next 4 seasons.
Do you see me starting at 3rd base for the red sox next year!!!
Jason Martinez
I don't see why not, although signing a good utility-man who could step in if he has a sophomore slump would be ideal. Don't know if that will be Eduardo Nuñez since he's probably good enough to get a starting job somewhere. But someone like that.
Front Office
If the Orioles rebuild, which bullpen trades make sense. I have a couple of who says no questions
Jason Martinez
I'm sure they'll listen to offers on everyone (Britton, O'Day, Brach and Givens). The biggest question is how much Britton's value has dropped because of his elbow issues in '17. And if they're not going to rebuild, keeping Britton probably makes sense. If they fall out of the race, they can shop him at the trade deadline.
If the Reds do trade Iglesias, who would be most interested?
Jason Martinez
29 teams would be interested. Contending teams would be most interested. Twins, Braves, Rockies and Cardinals could all make sense..
Tommy Pam has had one good year, shouldn't he slow his roll?
Jason Martinez
I'd call .310/.410/.530 in more than 500+ plate appearances better than "good". Same with Jose Martinez in a smaller sample. They definitely have some OF depth and should have some interesting trade options this offseason.
Did Ender have the most quiet 200 hit season in the last decade?
Jason Martinez
Need to see him everyday to appreciate how good he is. I watched him wear the Padres out often during his last season with the Dbacks. A playoff appearance would've helped. Maybe next season.
Hey Jason. With the emergence of both Diaz and Urshela, do you see the Indians trading Jason Kipnis? Or do you think they keep him and let him play outfield in place of the oft-injured Lonnie Chisenhall and Michael Brantley?
Jason Martinez
If not for the injury-plagued season and sub-.700 OPS, it would be a good time to shop Kipnis, especially with Urshela/Diaz ready to step in. I think he stays.
When will we see the Padres' Three Needs? Preview?
Jason Martinez
That's my assignment. I've been busy getting caught up on NBA rosters, but I'm hoping to have it ready on Friday. Not sure how interesting it will be. Could be very similar to last year. 2 free agent pitchers and a late-inning reliever that they can shop at the trade deadline and a stop-gap at SS.
$18M for Cozart or $10M X 2 for two pitchers?  I know we have to assume those might have to be multi-year contracts.
Jason Martinez
1 yr, $18MM for Cozart is high, but considering lack of internal options (Peraza hasn't been good), lack of free agent options and how good Cozart was this season, I think there's at least a possibility that he'll get the qualifying offer. Of course, he could decline since he's entering his age-32 season and this could be his best shot at getting a long-term deal. Reds don't have a lot of $ committed to players in 2018 (less than $60MM, I believe) and I don't know if they're ready to spend big money on a SP, so that works in Cozart's favor.
Braves fan
Where will Matt Adams be next year?
Jason Martinez
Not many openings for 1B/DH last offseason. Will it be any different this offseason? Who really needs a 1B or DH? Maybe 4-5 teams and guys like Yonder Alonso and Logan Morrison will get spots. Some of those teams have internal candidates. With all that said, I think the Braves trade him to the AL but won't get much back because there won't be a ton of interest.
Rays Fan
If the Rays keep Adney and Matt Duffy who moves where? Does Matt move to 2nd base?
Jason Martinez
If Hechavarria stays, he's the SS. Have to think that 2B would be an open competition between Duffy, Miller, Adames, etc.
has brad hand increased his trade value since the all star break?
Jason Martinez
I think so. Teams value guys who can close out games and Hand has proven that he's capable, even if he would likely be targeted for more of an Andrew Miller-type role with a contender.
At what age does a prospect become an old prospect?
Jason Martinez
25 yrs old.
Would Panik be enough, or not enough, to bring back Ender in trade? Thanks Jason.
Jason Martinez
Not even close and Braves already have a 2B (Ozzie).
How do you see the NL wild card playing out?
Jason Martinez
I really like the Dbacks and Greinke vs whoever they play. Looks like it will be the Rockies. Brewers are a team to watch in 2018, though.
Angels Fan
Hey Jason where do you see Mike Moustakus landing this offseason? I think the angels are a perfect fit. (Thanks)
Jason Martinez
Angels seem like the best fit. We'll see if Artie is willing to open up his checkbook again. Looks like they'll have a lot of $$$ coming off the books.
Gookie Dawkins
If you are the Yankees, how do you sort out the OF in 2018?
Jason Martinez
Someone is getting traded. Ellsbury would be very difficult to trade unless they matched up with another team who also had a high-salaried player they wanted to move. Hicks has officially broken out and deserves to play regularly. Frazier is ready to play. They could leave the DH open. That would help, but still a bit crowded. Billy McKinney could also force himself into the picture sometime in '18.
Does Orlando Arcia's bat ever progress to where he's considered a good offensive SS or is average to slightly above average his ceiling?
Jason Martinez
He's done pretty good for himself as a 22 year old. Had one bad month and one really good month. There's definitely some upside there. Not a 30+ HR guy, but I can see 20-25 HR with an OPS in the .800-.850 range at his peak.
I asked Steve about this, do you think that the Flowers/Suzuki tandem is underrated in baseball? They both had career years and we're paying them a combined 7.5 million.
Jason Martinez
Definitely. We don't hear about a team's "catching tandem" very often. Only the individual player. But catcher is the lone position that is shared so the production of both players should be taken into account when discussing the state of that position.
O's fan
Trumbo for Ellsbury!
Jason Martinez
Trumbo is due $26MM for the next 2 seasons and Ellsbury is still owed close to $70MM. Also just realized that Trumbo was pretty bad this season (.687 OPS) and Ellsbury has actually been pretty good (.761 OPS).
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