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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: September 5, 2018
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Jason Martinez
1st chat of September! 2nd wave of call-ups is done. Another leadoff HR from Acuña. This kid thinks he's Rickey. Just needs to steal 100 bases, too. Ohtani likely headed for TJ surgery. Sounds like there's plenty to discuss.
In yesterday’s chat, they were saying that Seager could be on his way out in Seattle. Could you see or be interested in a Kyle Seager for Wil Myers swap?
Jason Martinez
1st I've heard of it. And I have to say, it's not that crazy of an idea. Seager is coming off of a poor season, but has a strong track record and Padres need a 3B. Myers is so talented but he missed a lot of time due to injury again. And he hasn't shown the ability to step up in key moments. And the whole "our manager sucks because he's making us work hard" thing. Contracts are comparable.
Will the Braves hold on to first place?
Jason Martinez
I don't think the Phillies are good enough to catch them. Question is whether the Braves will tank and the Phillies (or maybe even the Nats???) can back into 1st space.
We'll see how they respond to today's awful loss. Losing a 7-1 lead in the 8th could put them into a tailspin.
I don’t understand why people are mad at the angels for throwing Shoehei this late. Obviously, they had to test to see what they had for next year. It’s better it happened now as opposed to May of ‘19. When do you expect Shohei to be able to start swinging?
Jason Martinez
Far too often, a pitcher is shut down with elbow/forearm discomfort and the extent of the injury isn't revealed until they report to Spring Training the following season. So the difference is missing 1 full season vs close to 2 full seasons. Not sure if that was why they put him back on the mound, but the UCL damage was known about since he signed. Just a matter of when in most cases.
What do you think of Touki Toussaint? Future ace? With him in the rotation, can they trade Teheran for a bat?
Jason Martinez
Not sure if he's an ace, but looks like he belongs in an MLB rotation now. Only 22 and should continue getting better. Good sign that he struggled in the low minors in '17 and was able to bounce back with a terrific season between AAA/AA. Braves are in really good shape.
Tony "the tiger" Clark
There will ALWAYS be service time manipulation; I'm not sure how that can be 'policed' and how a team can be forced to call someone up.  But how about this as a possible amelioration: Team control is negotiated down to 5 years.  Players can hit the market a year younger, meaning greater earnings potential.  Does this make sense, and do you think something like this could be negotiated?
Jason Martinez
As a fan of a team, I want to keep my players as long as possible. So I'm all for teams manipulating service time in order to get 6+ years. Not fair to the players and the typical fan doesn't think far ahead enough to care about whether a player is under contract until 2023 or 2024. But I think there's a compromise there. Not sure what that is.
NL West Leaders
German Marquez has been sneaky good after the All Star break, Kyle Freeland has been consistent all season (dark horse for CY Young votes?), and Jon Gray has been lights out since his promotion. What do you think of this young Rox rotation? They got what it takes?
Jason Martinez
They were good last year and that was a huge surprise. I totally underestimated their ability to be successful over a 162-game season. So I'm less surprised at their year two success. They are in great shape having 4-5 young pitchers entering their 3rd season together in '19.
Will Ohtani be available opening day as a DH?
Jason Martinez
If he undergoes TJ surgery, probably not. Recovery time is still 8-12 months for position players, but I imagine he could get back quicker if he's only going to DH. Still might be best to play it safe.
Is Jon Gray the ace everyone thought he would be? Or is this a mirage?
Jason Martinez
When a No. 3 overall pick in the draft is pitching like a No. 3 overall pick, you should probably believe that he's for real.
Which Luis Castillo will we see next year? He dominated last year and alternated dominant and horrible starts this year. Will he be able to put it all together?
Jason Martinez
This is pretty much what I'd expect in the 1st full season for a starting pitcher and I'd expect more consistency in year two. Hard to predict which pitchers take the next step. Health is a important. Even a minor injury could hamper a pitcher for a majority of the season and they can never quite find their groove.
Robot chicken
How is 6 innings and 3 ER considered a quality start?
Jason Martinez
Not sure who decided what is a "quality start", but that's pretty damn good these days. If your starter gets thru 6 and hasn't allowed more than 3-4 runs, he has given his team a chance to win, not overtaxed the bullpen and has, therefore, done his job.
matt klentak
Am i gonna play Rhys at 1B and Santana at 3B next year with Quinn/Odubel/Williams/FA in the OF?
Jason Martinez
Justin Bour at 1B. Rhys Hoskins at 2B. Carlos Santana at SS. Matt Adams at 3B. And Billy Butler on the bench.
I'm joking, obviously. I don't think defense is overrated. Phillies are in a good position if NL teams can add a DH in '19.
Mike Trout
Will I reach the playoffs again in an Angels uniform?
Jason Martinez
Sense of urgency is going to kick in for the Angels with Trout only signed for 2 more seasons. My guess is that they give it one final shot at building a contender in '19 (meaning that they'll be aggressive in free agency/trades). And if it doesn't work out, Trout will be on the trade block in July or next offseason.
Drew Smyly have any chance to make an impact before the end of '18?
Jason Martinez
Not really. Cubs likely had no expectation to get him back at all in '18. But you never know. Maybe they trust him enough as a lefty reliever to use him down the stretch. Struck out the side in his lone rehab appearance.
Luis Urias, what’s a reasonable comp?
Jason Martinez
I'm thinking he can be 2012-14 Altuve, but without the stolen bases. So .300 hitter with 40 doubles, 10-12 HR in his prime.
Braves fan
Why in the world would snitker pull folty after 6 innings and only 87 pitches. He could have gone 1 or 2 more innings. Only gave up 2 huts. Why why why. Snitker seems to do this a lot. So many games lost by the bullpen
Jason Martinez
If the bullpen isn't good, they're not going very far in the playoffs so it might not matter. Not sure, though. Folty just surpassed his IP total from '17 (154 IP) and he still has another 5 starts to make (and probably the playoffs). So could just be cautious with him since he'll be approaching 200 IP by end of season.
I want Michael A Taylor on the Orioles. Is he available/ could the Orioles be a team to aquire him.
Jason Martinez
I'm sure the Nats would listen, but also not sure any team views him as a lineup regular so value might not be great. Brutal BB/K numbers and only 1 above-average offensive season in the Majors (.806 OPS in '17). Better fit as a 4th OF and fills that role for the Nats.
If you had a son who could succeed at any sport what sport would you advise him to pursue professionally?
Jason Martinez
Baseball, of course. Long-term injury risks are low. Lots of $ if he can get to the Majors, especially once he gets to arbitration. My boy is a musician, though. He was actually good in little league. Very good with the game on the line. Icewater in his veins. But he's small like Altuve without the speed/power combination.
Aside from Realmuto, what catchers could you see traded this offseason?
Jason Martinez
Francisco Mejia, Francisco Cervelli, Tom Murphy.
Dodgers Fan
Clayton Kershaw a sure bet to opt out?
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