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MLBTR Live Chat With Jeff Todd
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Jeffrey Todd
It's definitely enough to win. May not be stellar, but there's some reasonable upside and downside protection in the depth. It's not a super exciting staff, top to bottom -- unless, perhaps, you think Sanchez could become the next Stroman. But look, if the Royals could do it last year with that staff (plus a not-quite-himself Cueto), then why not?
Does it actually matter when I see news bits like "player X gained 15 pounds" or "player Y is in the shape of his life." From what I have I unscientifically obseeved, there appears to be almost no correlation, and possibly a reverse correlation where players perform better when they have the body that they are comfortable with?
Jeffrey Todd
So hard to know. It's the same when you read about pitchers' new pitches, and hitters' new approaches. Sometimes guys change their regimen, their body, their mental health, and crush it. Sometimes they add some cool new offering that makes their whole arsenal play up. Sometimes J.D. Martinez learns how to hit one winter.
You can try to assess any individual situation based on the evidence you can compile -- interviews, watching spring play, looking at stats and scouting type measurements. But we'll never know til the season starts.
What's your Twitter handle?
Jeffrey Todd
Does the story of Royals seeking retaliation against the Mets for Noah Syndagaard have any legs, or clickbait for Mets' beat writer?
Jeffrey Todd
I've never felt Mr. Carig to be click-baity in his reporting, even though he's slapstick on twitter (and quite effectively so). But it seems like a really, really dumb idea and from everything else I've read not something the Royals actually intend on doing. Who knows how this kind of thing ends up out there. Weird story, but I'll trust that KC won't do anything stupid.
Anyway, that is going to be a fun game to watch, and it is real, actual real baseball. And it's this weekend!
You can talk with Steve all about it next Tuesday.
Have a good one!