MLBTR Live Chat with Steve Adams -- 1/3/17
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Still nothing on the Melky Cabrera trade front? Any thoughts on who might be a fit?
Steve Adams
Giants, O's ...back to the Jays? Plenty of teams still need a corner OF, but again, several open-market options that'll make less than $15MM this year. Melky's a good hitter, though, so if the Sox ate $10-11MM or so to get a deal done and add a prospect to their ranks I think they could find something intetresting.
Arte Moreno
Has the Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols contracts scared me from ever signing another big free-agent ever again?
Steve Adams
You'd hope it prevents him from going over the GM's head again in the futurfe.
Ok, I'm going to wrap this up for the week. Thanks for joining everyone. You can ask me questions I didn't get to on Twitter -- @Adams_Steve -- and also chat with Jason Martinez (tomorrow 6:30pm CT) and Jeff Todd (Thursday, 2pm) later this week!