PHR Chat With Gavin Lee: 02/09/17
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Gavin Lee
Hey folks, been an interesting week to be sure in the NHL. I'll let some questions roll in for the next little bit and start answering around 5:30.
Ghosty is back in the Flyers lineup tonight and he's skating with Streit...interesting.
And the Leafs are scouting the Avs. Also interesting.
Hey Gavin. So the Av's are clearly last and yes they have said they are sellers, but players like Matt Duchene & Gabriel Landeskog don't just fall out of the sky. I guess if you pick one, Landeskog is more expendable as a wing, but why would you throw in that Matt Duchene is available? #2 FO guy in the league, elite center, game breaking speed tho not McDavid, and centers of this caliber don't just appear. Are they thinking they'll replace Duchene with Nolan Patrick? If you are Joe Sakic/future Av's GM, who do you consider trading/trade and who/what do you want back?
Gavin Lee
The thing about Duchene I think is that there is a little bit of a crack in that "elite center" moniker that he's been given.

Colorado has two options and I think it'll be decided on whether they can land the big package they've floated out there for Duchene. If someone bites, and they get a good young defender, a first rounder and top prospect then they go full rebuild and sell off as much as possible.

If not, they can hang onto Duchene and try to retool a bit by selling off different parts. I very much doubt they would settle for anything less than a huge package.
You mention Patrick, but there is a ton of center depth in the first round of this draft, including Nico Hischier who I actually think may pass Patrick for the top pick.
Colorado has a great shot at one of the two of them.
Is the preds going to make 1 big move
Gavin Lee
I don't think a big move is coming for them, but adding some more help up front seems very likely.
If you were the GM of the Ducks how would you attack this team going into the trade deadline with the expansion Draft protection issues? Thanks
Gavin Lee
Here's the problem with all of our speculation about the expansion draft. It all comes predicated on the idea that players won't waive their NMCs, which may be false.

If the Ducks can convince Bieksa to waive his, it completely changes how they will operate in the draft.
That said, I still think one (or more) of their defenseman move in the summer. I doubt by the deadline, even though Montour has shown his ability.
Do you think Shattenkirk could/would take a loaded 2 year deal like that?
Gavin Lee
I edited this a little Spencer just for room.
I simply don't see it happening. Players value long-term deals not only for the financial security but for the home stability as well.
I think he gets basically his pick of which coast and country he wants to play in, for the next six or seven years.
The Rock
Can you smell what I'm cooking?
Gavin Lee
Smells like jabronis.
Do you see the Bruins making a move? And is Cassidy the long term solution?
Gavin Lee
I doubt very much that Cassidy is the long term solution, and in Boston long-term is very relative anyway. Even if he stays through next season, if he doesn't start 20-0 there will be people calling for his head.
Going off of Stu's question, there are a lot of potential fits for Julien, but I've heard Ruff's job stability in Dallas is not as good as last year and I'd like to imagine if Therrien & the Habs exit the playoffs in the 1st round this year, people would much rather have Julien in Montreal then Therrien. Do you think these places are potential spots for Claude, on top of Vegas, Florida, etc?
Gavin Lee
It's interesting, because there was a report out of Montreal today that talked about Bergevin approaching the leadership in the room without Therrien included. It sparked up a lot of debate on his future, even though it likely means nothing. I think Julien gets a job before the Habs decide to move on.

Ruff may get a pass because his goaltenders can't stop a puck. Dallas could be a fit if things go south in a hurry, but again I think he has at least another shot next year.

Julien will be coaching on opening day 2017-18.
The caps are obviously the best team but I do think they still need to make a trade or two. I think a top 6 forward and a big tough defenseman is duchene an option? He will be good for them next year and they better sign oshie out of all their UFA bc he isn't going to find a better fit then he has here
Gavin Lee
You may be right about the fit, simply because I don't think there is a better line to jump onto than Nik Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin.

I would be floored if Duchene went to Washington, it doesn't seem like a fit at all.

Big tough defensemen that can actually play are really, really tough to find.
Also, even though Oshie is obviously a big piece to resign, but don't sleep on Karl Alzner's UFA status.
He would be a huge addition to a lot of teams around the league, and a bit hit off the Caps blueline.
This one is more for fun, but of the serious teams looking to make the playoffs, who do you think will be the WCF and ECF matchups this year?
Gavin Lee
This is so tough to predict because the seeding will determine everything.
Four teams in the Metro would lead the Atlantic, but one of them is going to get the 7th seed.
All I want are Pens-Caps and Wild-Sharks at some point in the playoffs.
What do you see the rangers doing at this deadline
Gavin Lee
I'm not sure what they can do. All they need is an upgrade on defense, but no one would take Girardi or Staal.
They're pretty much stuck except for maybe adding a little experience on the wing.
Saw you mentioned that you dont see the Preds making a splash - basically no duchene - what other options do you think are upgrades/available?
Gavin Lee
If they could go after a real #2 center (apologies to Mike Fisher and the great season he's had) that doesn't cost as much as Duchene, they would.

Centers just don't get traded very often, and when they do they cost Seth Jones. I don't think Toronto would move Bozak, but he'd be a nice fit there.
Would Jarome Iginla fit well with NYR?
Gavin Lee
Iginla and Doan are both possible options for them if they really wanted to add experience.
Iginla is a tough fit for anyone because he's simply not very good anymore. But, playoff hockey does weird things and when the whistle goes away, the guys who are half a step slower seem to be back in the play.
Doan has come out and said he would rather stay in the Pacific division if he is moved. People have linked him to the Sharks, Oilers, and I'm sure with that the Kings and Flames are also in the mix. Since Doan really wants to stay west, which team gives him the best fit to win? Also, as a Sharks fan, a majority of my fan base has said we would pass on Doan and also Iginla even though he'd be fun, and would rather get Landeskog. Would Landeskog be a good fit in SJ or would Doan be better for now?
Gavin Lee
Well, the Sharks definitely give Doan the best shot to win but doesn't it just feel like he's heading to Edmonton?

Your fan base isn't wrong, I'd pass on both as well. Landeskog would be a much bigger addition, and would carry a much bigger pricetag.
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