PHR Chat With Gavin Lee: 05/25/17
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Gavin Lee
Hey folks. Big news out of Anaheim earlier...everyone was hurt.
Let's talk about whatever you want though. I'll let some stuff come in and start in a few minutes.
Are the Ducks screwed for the expansion draft?
Where does ANA go from here? Trade Fowler? Just let Vatanen go to Vegas?
Gavin Lee
To address the first part, I don't think they're screwed at all. Murray (Ducks) has mentioned that he's had multiple talks with McPhee (Golden Knights), and he likely knows exactly what he'd have to part with to get them to take a player he can afford to lose.
That's not to say they won't make a deal though before the draft, as I still expect them to do.
These injuries make it harder to do that, at least for Vatanen...
But they could still get a considerable package for him even if he's hurt.
Trading Fowler would be a last-ditch thing, if the extension talks go in the dumpster next week.
I think it's more likely that Cam is there long-term on a big deal.
The thing for the Ducks, is that making a trade before the draft would have to include exempt players or draft picks--not exactly what they want right now.
What do you guys think about Game 7 tonight?
Some leafs fans say they would move Marner before Nylander. Would you? And who who you move either for?
Gavin Lee
First of all, I wouldn't move either.
They're both elite young players.
But, I guess the question boils down to which I like better..
And I think Nylander did enough in the second half, playoffs and WC that he's overtaken Marner for me.
Which is just ridiculous, given how dangerous Marner is.
No one should even talk about a possible trade for them at this point.
Is there a realistic shot for the devils to land shattenkirk in free agency?
Gavin Lee
After the playoff he had, it does bring more teams into the mix for him as his price has likely dropped.
I still think the Rangers are the favorite for him, but the Devils will be sure to put in a bid.
He has said publicly that he wants to be given the responsibility of a #1..something he obviously won't get in New York with Ryan McDonagh still there.
In New Jersey, that opportunity definitely exists.
Bruins up to anything as far as trades?
Gavin Lee
It's been very quiet out of Boston recently, but I'd still expect a Spooner move at some point.
Obviously the expansion draft kind of gets in the way, but what do the Ducks need to do to improve th team?
Gavin Lee
They need help up front in terms of secondary scoring.
Eaves fit in really nicely, because Ritchie and Cogliano just weren't the offensive pieces they needed. Ritchie has a chance to improve obviously, but it will likely mirror the offensive decline of the top guys.
Adding another scoring winger is important.
It's going to be interesting to see how the team transitions from the aging core to the young group. Rakell, Ritchie, Silfverberg, Steel, Jones.
How high of a priority is resigning Brendan Smith for the Rangers? Not flashy but I thought he played well in his brief time.
Gavin Lee
I think he's an effective player who will be on a lot of team's watch lists this summer. I'm not sure how high he is on the priority though. The Rangers want to get younger, and outside of Shattenkirk I'm not sure if they'll go for any of the free agent defenders that will ask for 3+ years.
Bereglazov, Pionk are their additions.
what do you think the devils could get in return for kovalchuck. What are the most likely trade destinations?
Gavin Lee
It'll be a draft pick, a second or third most likely. But for 2018, as he can't be signed or traded till July 1st.
Most likely destinations in my mind, are Sharks/Panthers/Islanders in no particular order.
Though several more could enter the mix.
Maybe even Vegas. He'd sure be a draw, and with Shipachyov there they could make a Russian line.
That would be a marketing move though, and he likely wants a chance at the Cup.
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