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PHR Live Chat: 02-03-22
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Gavin Lee
Hello and welcome! We'll get started in just a moment
JT Miller gets traded. Which three teams could get him and what do each of them give back?
Gavin Lee
I'll say that the top teams right now probably look like the Rangers and Wild, but there is a little smoke around Miller not even getting traded at all.
If he does though, you're looking at a first round pick and a high-end prospect, probably.
I have a hard time believing the Wild would give up Boldy or Rossi
Would they move Calen Addison though? Maybe
For New York, Lundkvist is the obvious connection because of Allvin taking over in Vancouver
But I'm really just not sure what they are going to want to part with
Thoughts on the verbeek hire? Are Manson, lindholm, and rakell goners?
Thanks for having these chats. What is Pat Verbeek first trade he makes? Does he move his up coming free agents or resign any of them?
Gavin Lee
I like the Verbeek hire. I know the idea of "putting in his dues" gets thrown around a lot, but there are thousands of stories of him showing up to scout games where no one else was
Whether that translates to the top job is another story, but he has certainly seen how strong organizations are run
As for his first trade and the three big rentals
I don't think the decision on the defensemen is made yet. I think Verbeek will probably talk to both--Lindholm being a priority (though what's left of the old regime still loves Manson)
For Rakell, it seems to make sense to me to move on before the deadline
So I'll say he's the first trade, if one of them goes
But there is certainly no rush at this point
Over/Under 2.5 weeks until Danny Wirtz is named principal owner of the Blackhawks?
Gavin Lee
I don't really want to get into a whole thing on this, but what I will say is credit to Lazerus and Thompson for bringing it up.
And sure, Danny gets a little bit of credit for going to them afterward, but certainly not a lot from me. He could have still spoken up during the actual town hall.
If I were a Blackhawks fan, I'd feel pretty abandoned at this point.
That could have been the moment where all the trust starts to rebuild--that town hall. But now it's just headline after headline again.
Aside from Giordano, who are the likeliest trade candidates on the Kraken?
Gavin Lee
Jarnkrok and Johansson are the names that keep getting brought up
I really wonder about Carson Soucy, though, if he can get healthy in time
That's exactly the kind of defenseman that a contender would want to bring in to solidify a pairing, add penalty killing
And his cap hit is low enough that it can be attractive this season and next
Leafs Fan
When trading at the deadline how does it work with the Salary cap?  I am confused, does the incoming player full salary count against the cap?   How could that be?  The previous team already paid much of the salary have they not?   So for an example if a 5 million dollar salary is traded, how much in actual dollars is the receiving team taking on against the salary cap?
Gavin Lee
Nope, only what is remaining on the cap is what the new team owes. It's why CapFriendly has a "Deadline Cap Space" projection on the page
And why, I believe, people are overlooking this year's altered schedule
By the time the trade deadline rolls around in late March, 80% of the season will have already been played
There will be players with big, big numbers that can be fit into small cap windows, especially with salary retention.
Its also why a team like Arizona will be so eager to do that--the actually dollars they pay out will be miniscule
which dman with term best fits the 3-4 slot for the leafs?
Gavin Lee
It's hard to find those guys when you need a right-handed option
There just aren't that many around
I mean could you pry Jani Hakanpaa out of Dallas, if they fall out of it? Maybe, but they know they're losing Klingberg so they probably need him next season
I'd probably call Winnipeg about what it would take to get Dylan DeMelo, but he has a partial no-trade, and they are a hard team to read at this point
And like are these options even better than what you have?
That's the thing--don't make a move just to make it.
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