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PHR Live Chat: 02-09-23
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Gavin Lee
Hello and welcome everyone!
We'll let a few more people roll in and get started in a few minutes. The question queue is already filling up!
Thoughts on the return for the Blues?
Gavin Lee
So we might as well start with this. How about that move!
In terms of the return – it's not great is it. It's significant, for sure – the 2023 draft is making teams wary to hand over first round picks
But it's also not all that much for a player who has consistently been one of the best goal scorers in the league AND a defenseman who was drawing a little buzz.
I know they needed to trade him, but surely this wasn't going to be the only offer they received.
I think in the end they probably didn't maximize the return, but aren't SO far off that they'll really regret it.
I would be surprised if they use both of their first-round picks this year though. I expect the Blues will be linked to several players in the offseason
Now that the Rangers added Tarasenko what other moves, if any, do you see them making?
Gavin Lee
This is an interesting part, because with the Blais inclusion and the retention, there is actually a bit of extra wiggle room.
Including Hunter Skinner is a sign for me that the Rangers aren't done
He's basically just a contract dump, even if the Blues do see something in him for whatever reason
Just not sure what they target now, really
Bo Horvat
Is it too much? And too long a term? I think I'll age well..... no?
Gavin Lee
It is both of those things, yes. But Lou and Bo admitted as much
I just don't think Lamoriello is very worried about Horvat in 2028-29
He'll be a good player for them for the next few years, and that's all that matters for them
Will they win the Cup because of this? I very much doubt it
what do you see as the asking price for Ryan O’Rielly? Is it possible for the Canes to acquire both O’Rielly and make a run at Meier?
Gavin Lee
The Hurricanes have the space, and the assets to go after multiple pieces
O'Reilly probably brings back half of what Horvat got Vancouver – either the first, or the prospect, not both
But to get even that he's going to need to prove he's 100% healthy
I don't like the time crunch on that one
Thanks for doing these! What should the Sabres do at the deadline and what do you think they will do?
Gavin Lee
The Sabres are being very calm, it sounds like. I think they will reward their group with a small upgrade, or take advantage of a situation with term. But no blowing out picks for a top-end rental
Remember that they have 3 2nds this year
Using one of those for a nice little team boost I think is more than reasonable
Even if I don't think they're ready to really contend for a Cup
What is a realistic forecast for Edvinsson and Jiricek next season? Make the team, AHL again and if NHL what is their impact?
Gavin Lee
I think Jiricek will be a full-time NHLer
Edvinsson I'm less sure about, just because of the situation in Detroit
There is a little impatience building, I think
That's not to say I've cooled on him, I think he'll be outstanding. But not sure that front office will throw him to the wolves with an 82-game expectation
Jiricek I think will be there from opening day
Everyone keeps tackling about Karlsson and maybe a trade scenario. What about Seth jones? Of Chicago eats a bit of cap space he could be a great fit for some team? Assuming he would want to leave
Gavin Lee
I think it would be hard to convince a management or ownership group to retain salary for seven seasons
I think they're probably stuck with him until the front-loaded portion of the contract is up
He will earn more than $45MM of the $76MM in the first four years
At that point, you can probably talk about getting out from the deal (as the Blackhawks start to want to pay other guys)
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