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PHR Live Chat: 02-24-22
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Gavin Lee
Hello and welcome to another chat!
We'll get started in just a few minutes
Would love to see the caps get jarnkrok and an upgrade In goaltending.  What are possible trades caps make?
Gavin Lee
The Caps don't have a ton of ability to make big trades, as Mantha is close to a return
I do wonder about the goaltending though, as you say
Jarnkrok is going to be a very popular name near the deadline
I don't think Washington will be able to make a bunch of moves though, just cause of their cap situation
What do you suspect the ducks will end up doing at the deadline?
Gavin Lee
I think that they will end up trading several pieces
But I'm not sure that includes Lindholm or Manson, to be honest
I wouldn't be surprised if both make it through the deadline
ol 82nd guy
With DeAngelo down (B. Smith also) does Don Waddell start looking for help via trades?  Who could he target?
Gavin Lee
Yeah that's what I kind of touched on in today's piece. They've already been in on lots of trade talks, if only to figure out prices
I think they will be aggressive, if they need to be.
I wonder if someone like Troy Stecher could find a new home there, at least for a little while
Denny McLain
what expiring contracts do you for see the Red Wings trading for draft picks before the deadline?
Red Wings deadline
Half of the Red Wings UFAs traded at deadline along with at least one of Bertuzzi, Suter, Hronik..?
Gavin Lee
That takes me to Detroit, where I think several of the UFAs will be dealt, yes.
Vladdy Namestnikov is an interesting one to me
He's shown an ability to kind of chameleon his way in wherever he needs to fit
Lots of contenders will like that
Does JT Miller get moved
Gavin Lee
You know I actually think he does. My spidey sense went up a bit when everyone all at once started talking about how "the Canucks may keep him!"
It's just a hunch, but I think they're trying to squeeze the most they can
What would it take to keep Rust in town at a "hometown discount " and opposed to what he might get on the open market? Non related, what do you think the asking price for max domi is?
Gavin Lee
Can we all just agree to stop calling this a hometown discount, when it's not at all the player's hometown
A hometown discount for Rust would be signing in Detroit
But to answer the question, it's going to take a lot. He deserves a long-term deal with a substantial raise
I don't think anyone gets him on a deal shorter than five years
Do you want that? It's certainly risky right?
He's hurt a lot, he's going to turn 30 in May
But he's also having another fantastic season
Maybe the Penguins get the price tag down by biting the bullet on an even longer contract, and just saying the hell with the post-Crosby years
But Rust's future is tied directly to Letang's, I would imagine
Hey Gavin, lots of Giroux to the Avs talk, do you see this happening and is he what they need to get over the hump?
Gavin Lee
Well he certainly wouldn't hurt their chances of going deep in the playoffs.
Giroux is still a good player, and a trade might honestly rejuvenate him more than he knows right now
But it will not be just the Avalanche bidding
Even a team like the Maple Leafs, with their newly found cap space, could be in that race
are the LA Kings the front runners for Jakob Chychrun?
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