PHR Live Chat: 07-22-21
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Gavin Lee
Hey folks!
This probably won't be the full hour-long chat after we did the special expansion one yesterday, but I'm sure there are still lots of questions
Why did the Kraken take Carsen Twarynski over a 2nd and a 7th? No idea!
If you’re Doug Wilson, what do you over the next yer to improve the team?
Gavin Lee
Buyout Martin Jones, trade Hertl and Meier and hope you hit it out of the park with the draft
Your roster is set up to be win-now, but it's not good enough to do it
You have to wait out some of these contracts, they just are too big and too long to get out from under
Hey Gavin - any legs to Eichel to the Ducks?  What do you think they'd have to give up to make it happen?  Would Drysdale or Zegras have to be included?  Or would something like the 3rd overall, J Perrault, Comtois, and Henrique do the trick?  Thanks!
Gavin Lee
So the thing here is that it sounds like the Sabres still haven't released Eichel's medical records
Without that, I just don't see how a deal gets done at all
When it does, I have no idea if the Ducks or anyone else will still be interested
So I can't really say if it has legs right now. If Buffalo waits past this draft though, it's going to make it a lot tougher
For the Ducks in particular though, if they picked say, Luke Hughes, third overall, I imagine he'd still be of interest to the Sabres
So it shouldn't drop the value of that third pick much
Giordano to the nyr
Giordano traded or what do you think will happen with him being at the reveal yesterday?
Gavin Lee
Yeah that sure threw a bucket of cold water on the trade didn't it
I think in the first place it may have just been "We want him" not "we have a deal for him"
I think it's still possible, but maybe not so quickly
The Oilers are hurting and need to get some depth toughness and talent in the middle and bottom six. I'd love to see them add Keegan Kolesar, Mathieu Joseph and Garrett Hathaway. Thoughts?
Gavin Lee
Well they're about to spend a hefty amount on Zach Hyman
That doesn't fix the center problem does it
I have a hard time seeing the Lightning trading Joseph right now, he's signed for cheap and will be too valuable as they gut their own bottom-six
Same could probably be said about Kolesar, though, does he even push the needle for Edmonton?
Boston Bruins fan
Hi what do you think of the rumored Halls deal which is 4 years 24 million
Gavin Lee
It's a good deal for both
Hall gets a chance to compete, Boston gets a player that is probably worth a little more than 6 mill
He'll certainly put up strong numbers there, I would imagine
Though, so would other players in that spot
What was that Ned trade? What are the Canes thinking here
Gavin Lee
Everyone kept saying that they just gave away their goaltender of the future, but the Hurricanes have been very clear over the years that they DON'T see Nedeljkovic as the goalie of the future.
It took multiple injuries for him to even get a chance with the team this year
He was on waivers at the beginning of the season
I think this is "we don't think this is sustainable, so we're going to use the money for someone who is"
And it doesn't seem like that bad of a gamble, does it?
All of the risk here is on the Red Wings
If Ned excels, awesome. But the Hurricanes will hopefully spend the money on a good goaltender anyway
If he fails, well, a team going for the Cup can't afford to have him fail
Don't get me wrong, it's a great bet by Yzerman given where his team is, but I don't think it's all that shocking from Carolina's side
Boston Bruins fan
Are you surprised that Hyman is getting a lot of years from the Oilers?
Gavin Lee
Not in the slightest
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