PHR Live Chat: 11/28/19
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Gavin Lee
Hello! Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating.
Congratulations to Bears fans for the win earlier today.
I'll let some stuff come in and get started in a few minutes.
Still can't believe Pierre Dorion got Anders Nilsson for 2 AHLers and a 6th rd pick. He's been excellent for Ottawa this year
Gavin Lee
He was excellent for them after the trade too. Must be something he feels comfortable with in Ottawa. It was a great acquisition.
Do you think the Senators could get a 1st round pick for Pageau at the deadline? Or are they better off keeping him?
Gavin Lee
I think it would probably be seen as an overpayment, but that doesn't mean it won't be available.
The Senators have made it very clear that they are trying to keep all negotiations out of the media however, so no one has a good feel on whether they'll try to extend him or move him at the deadline.
I think I might keep him, to be honest. You can't only have 20 year olds, and he's a versatile player.
He's already shown he can hold down a center spot lower in the lineup.
With all the injuries and now Sundquist, what will Army do ? I know its early but even our depth is not enough.
Do the Blues get to use Sundquist cap hit to make a trade ?
Gavin Lee
His cap hit stays against the books even on injured reserve. He'd have to be put on long-term IR to open any space, and even then it is complicated by his eventual return.
That would also mean he has to miss a month.
(24 days)
In terms of what they'll do? All of those decisions I think come down to what is going to happen with Tarasenko.
The further they get into the season, the more information they have about his recovery
If he doesn't come back until the playoffs, they can make a substantial addition.
If he's coming back before then, it would be very tough.
Brian S.
Is there any resolution to be had with Kyle Turris and the Preds?
Gavin Lee
That ship seems to have sailed, but I'm not sure how this ends.
Does a change of scenery spark him again? Who is willing to take on the deal?
Which hot start do you think is the most sustainable?
Gavin Lee
Is it unfair to pick a team like Boston?
I think you probably mean which team that has had a better start than expected.
I think the Coyotes can be a legitimate contender in the West, if they stay healthy.
Kessel has been an immense disappointment and they are still in good shape.
Coaches on the hot seat? Who are the next to be replaced?
Gavin Lee
I imagine that Bill Peters is probably the next coach fired, don't you think?
As for others, I'm not sure how John Hynes or Bruce Boudreau come back next season in their current roles.
I'd be worried about Jeff Blashill too, though Yzerman probably isn't upset with the fact that they're down at the bottom.
Top 3 candidates to win the scoring title
Gavin Lee
I'll go McDavid, Draisaitl and MacKinnon (sorry Bruins' fans)
I know Marchand/Pastrnak could do it too, but I have a hard time believing that they'll both keep scoring at a ~25% shooting percentage
U.S. Thanksgiving time is  sometimes used as a gauge to look at who is in a playoff position and who is not, what current teams on the outside do you see getting back in and what teams currently in do you see dropping out?
Gavin Lee
Some of it is weird because of the various number of games played, but I still think the Lightning will challenge in the Atlantic Division and the Sharks seem to have figured something out at least.
I'd still be worried if I was Florida just because of the goaltending, but they are such a strong team up front.
How about Buffalo?
Gavin Lee
Was hard to believe in their hot start, and it's hard to imagine they would do this plummet for the second year in a row
But they just haven't looked like a real playoff team in weeks now.
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