PHR Live Chat With Gavin Lee 01-10-19
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Gavin Lee
Hello folks and welcome to another live chat!
I'll start things off in a few minutes.
How about this line from Varlamov last night: 58:06 TOI, 11 saves, .733 SV%!
Gavin Lee
It doesn't even seem possible in the NHL does it
Losing a game when you face under 20 shots isn't a great look...and yet somehow Varlamov has done it in his last two starts.
Is is too late for the hawks to make a run at the playoffs? They have been looking good as of late?
Gavin Lee
It's probably too late.
Nothing's impossible or anything, but to really challenge they would need to have a stretch of excellent hockey, not just better hockey.
The kind that ends up in something like a 12-2-3 record or something like it. It's really hard to catch up in the NHL.
Any serious suitors for Duchene or even Dzingel? I think Stone gets locked up...
Gavin Lee
Duchene was supposed to sit down with his representatives this week while the Senators are out in LA to discuss his future
I would think that that discussion would give some clarity to the Senators, who can't shop him without knowing he won't re-sign.
No real suitors will appear until that happens, though there will be plenty of interested parties watching closely.
Stone does seem like the best bet (and I think he's the best player) to remain, but I don't think that's guaranteed either.
He's open to it, but so were Erik Karlsson and Kyle Turris at one point.
Dzingel strikes me as the classic deadline acquisition, once some of the other top names go off the board.
I have a hard time believing he'll be a Senator on Feb 26.
Richard Portillo
I have now given you a long time to reflect on your statements regarding honey mustard. Have you changed your mind?
Gavin Lee
I've given this a lot of thought.
The only worse condiment was when they tried out purple ketchup.
Wayne here, San Jose or Toronto gets me at the trade deadline?
Gavin Lee
It's really hard to find a reason for Toronto to not pursue this, given their needs.
They could outbid San Jose easily, but who knows if Kyle Dubas would do that. We've never seen him hold court at the deadline by himself.
Anyone know if there is any truth for pens to deal Brass for say Eric Staal? Or any other names or have heard Ferland but I think he will be to costly
Gavin Lee
I haven't heard any definite deals with Derick Brassard, but I've long thought that he is the one to go in Pittsburgh to make some room for a deadline acquisition.
He just simply doesn't fit there.
Staal would be a great fit for Pittsburgh, but I think there will be others (Winnipeg, perhaps) that push hard for him.
How long until Bednar and MacKinnon kiss and make up? Avs haven't disappointed this year...yet...
Gavin Lee
I bet this has already happened.
It's unfortunate that it was caught on camera, but I don't think that was much to worry about.
Also, if they haven't disappointed you, you haven't been watching for the past few weeks.
Colorado is dropping like a rock.
Eugene M
Is it possible for the NHL commish to fire an owner? Asking for a friend...
Gavin Lee
Ha, obviously no they can't "fire" one, but he would be able to push one out if he really felt the need.
Don't think it's coming to that in Ottawa just yet.
Bobrovski's "incident". What are your guesses?
Gavin Lee
I have absolutely no insight on this, no sources.
But if I had to guess, since it happened between when he was pulled and when they got on the plane, he trashed the dressing room or something like that.
Aaron Portzline over at The Athletic got a good piece when he reported that the leadership group had a meeting with Bobrovsky on the tarmac.
It apparently isn't something between Bobrovsky and Tortorella, which again points back to maybe something in the room.
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