PHR Live Chat With Gavin Lee 08-08-19
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Gavin Lee
Hello folks and welcome back! It's great to be doing a live chat again.
I'll let some things roll in and get started in a few minutes.
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Who do you think the pens trade to get cap compliant and what can they expect to get back
Gavin Lee
Technically the Penguins can already be cap compliant without making another trade, even if they sign Marcus Pettersson.
The team will just waive a few additional players at the end of training camp--Zach Trotman and Chad Ruhwedel are candidates for this
In reality they could probably waive Jack Johnson as well and bury him in the minors if they had to.
That said, I still expect them to make a move up front at some point. Either Rust or Bjugstad could go to open up some money, and both would probably net a good little return.
Don't expect an elite prospect or first round pick, but maybe someone who can help in the next year or two, or a mid-round package.
Riley Sheahan
Why am I not signed yet? All I need is an opportunity, I can be a productive 3rd c. Not even Ken has called me despite edm being in desperate need...
Gavin Lee
Ken Holland doesn't really have any money to play with, and has his fair share of bottom-sixers already.
I don't think Sheahan can actually be a very productive 3rd liner actually.
If you put him out there for 15 minutes a game he might put up 25-30 points, but his overall contribution isn't enough to warrant that ice time.
Now as a fourth-line piece? Yeah I could see that, but half the league right now doesn't know how much room they're going to have.
No reason to go after a guy like Sheahan when there are more important things to do.
Does Sweeney find a taker for Backes? Maybe bad contract swap with Vancouver or something?
Gavin Lee
To bring Eriksson back? I don't see it. Backes only has two years left on his deal and a buyout becomes a little more palatable next summer.
Sure if someone steps up they could move him, but I still think it is likely he spends the year in the Bruins organization.
Which team do you think Bo Byram plays most of his games for this season?
Gavin Lee
If I was putting money on it, I'd say the Vancouver Giants.
But man does he look ready to contribute already.
I do wonder if they would take a non-traditional path with him. Keep him up through the first part of the year while Cole and Johnson rehab, send him to World Junior camp in December, give him a conditioning stint in the AHL and then maybe send him back for a WHL playoff run.
But we'll have to see what happens in camp.
If not traded, would Puljujarvi play in Europe rather than stay in Edmonton?
Gavin Lee
That's what it sounds like.
Though that very much may be agent speak to try and put a little pressure on Ken Holland.
I'd like to bring up another situation in regards to Puljujarvi. A few years ago Andreas Athanasiou wouldn't sign with the Red Wings, and threatened to go to the KHL. Holland stood firm and eventually got Athanasiou signed for a more than reasonable number.
It's not exactly the same situation, but Puljujarvi isn't a make-or-break asset for the Oilers. They can wait him out if they have to
Any rumours on the Bruins lately, other than needing to sign McAvoy and Carlo?
Gavin Lee
Not much no. There aren't a whole lot of rumors anywhere once you get into August.
Just waiting on the next pressure point, when camps open.
If you were trying to sign Sam Girard to an extension what would you be offering?
Gavin Lee
Seven years, $35MM
(That's what he signed already)
John Mozeliak
What does an extension for both Petro and Schenn look like?
Gavin Lee
These are interesting ones to be sure. Pietrangelo is probably looking at the Oliver Ekman-Larsson deal (8 years, $66MM) as his floor.
I think it would be close to $9MM if not a little more.
Per season that is.
For Schenn, things have changed somewhat because he's not a full-time center anymore.
Had he really taken that position and run with it his market would be huge.
The James van Riemsdyk deal, 5 years, $35MM might be what he's looking at if he has another year in the 50-60 point range.
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