PHR Live Chat With Gavin Lee 08-09-18
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Gavin Lee
Hey folks, welcome to another chat!
How about that Dvorak contract.
I'll let some stuff come in and get started in a few minutes.
Thoughts on Dvorak’s contract? Seems a bit pricey on the Coyotes’ end.
Gavin Lee
I wonder if they felt as though RFA negotiations and keeping him in Arizona as a UFA would be difficult. I don't really see much reason in giving him this long an extension at this point.
Even if he "broke out" this season and put up 20-45, he still wouldn't be worth much more than this (if any more at all)
If you're paying a 15-35 guy $4.5M when you're a cap team, you're in trouble. If you do it as a cap floor team? You're alright.
That's the only thing I can really justify it with.
Nick V
With the Sharks not getting their main man in Tavares, no other signings of note, & a major trade possibility in Skinner off the table, where do they set their sights from here?
Gavin Lee
There is still some scoring available out there in Pacioretty, the group in New York (Hayes/Zucc/Spooner/Vesey) and players like Gustav Nyquist, but I'm not sure where exactly San Jose is looking at the moment.
Skinner really seemed like he would have been a good fit there, and I'm surprised the Sharks didn't beat the Buffalo offer.
Skinner of course had a no-move, but he said that the Hurricanes didn't bring him any other deal.
The nice part for San Jose is that many of their forwards are pretty versatile and can move around, meaning that if something pops up during the season they could jump on it.
They probably have enough to get to the playoffs already, and every day of the season they don't spend their cap space they can add more at the deadline.
John Mozeliak
Who is the blues #1 priority to trade?
Gavin Lee
To trade away? They already did it when they moved Sobotka and Berglund.
Now I would guess that Gunnarsson is the first name they'd want to move, but there's certainly no immediate rush
He's a free agent next summer and they'll clear at least a little bit of room when they cut a forward during camp.
(And by cut I just mean waive and send down, not release)
any news on rick nash?
Gavin Lee
I haven't heard anything since the decision came out to sit back and wait.
I hope he plays again, if only so I can keep remembering that goal against Arizona every time he touches the puck.
Tommy Wingels
Good fit back as a depth piece with Boston?
Gavin Lee
I know everyone loves Wingels, but I just don't think he's that effective of a player any more.
Boston has enough youth that can fill those depth roles if they need it.
I'm sure he'll get a PTO at least though, and it very well could be in Boston.
Who do you see as the jets #2 center?
Gavin Lee
It's Bryan Little probably, though after how he played last season I would seriously consider moving Wheeler there and splitting up that top line.
Another team with a ton of versatile forwards.
Does Columbus extend Bobrovsky for big money or do they move him during the season and move on?
Gavin Lee
You know this is a real tough one, because I think logically you should move on from Bobrovsky given how expensive he will be, but it's so hard to gut your team like that.
Even if you think Korpisalo is going to get better, does he ever reach the level Bobrovsky is at right now?
Probably not, meaning you're taking a step backwards and could absolutely crush your chances if whoever you put in net falters.
At the same time, a long-term big money deal for a goaltender is simply a bad financial decision, regardless of who it is.
It's really tough. I would agonize over it as a GM.
Does Boston add another scorer and give up a defenseman in the process to alleviate that log jam they created by signing Moore, or just roll with what they have and see how it goes?
Gavin Lee
It's Krug that the question is really about, given that he's probably the only one that you're willing to move and could bring back a substantial piece.
I think they wait until at least the season is closer, to see if they can catch a team desperate for defensive help.
Say Kris Letang or John Klingberg or someone like that goes down in training camp, and a team finds itself struggling to fill those minutes.
Maybe Boston can swoop in.
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