PHR Live Chat With Gavin Lee 11-08-18
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Gavin Lee
Hey folks, welcome to another chat.
Looking forward to another busy night in the NHL.
I'll let some questions roll in and get started in a few minutes.
Brian Sr
What is tha latest YOU have on Nylander?
Gavin Lee
I haven't heard anything more than anyone else. The last thing I was told was that the Hurricanes believed there was at least a chance he could be moved. That's not much, obviously.
And not worth much ink.
In my gut, I think he still signs with the Maple Leafs.
But it's all quiet.
Probably getting this question a lot, but what do you think of the Malkin hit last night? Personally, from the reverse cam, it looks like Malkin deliberately leaned into Oshie's head. I think it's suspension worthy but clearly DOPS thinks differently. What do you think?
Gavin Lee
I think he deliberately tried to make contact with Oshie, but not necessarily the head.
Oshie was trying to quickly get around him, and Malkin was trying to throw a sort of pick.
That kind of play happens constantly.
The thing that surprised me, was the idea that the DoPS believed he was "bracing" and not moving into him.
I didn't see bracing.
All that said, I'm not sure it warranted more than what he was given in the game.
So I'm not up in arms either way.
What can the yotes do to make the team better? The time is now!
Gavin Lee
Don't get ahead of yourselves! The Coyotes shouldn't be looking at only this year, despite their solid start.
Bringing in some more firepower up front could help, but they're building that group together and have never been a club to be able to go out and get one of the top names at the deadline.
I would be surprised if they're involved in any of the Panarin/Hayes/Duchene talks (provided they happen at all).
Neely recently said he’d be more willing to make deals to get more production on offense past the top line. Who are the most realistic options, and what kind of return would you see?
Gavin Lee
I still would think that the Rangers group is the most realistic, but like I've said before on here, don't be surprised to see them get into the mix on the top names (Panarin, Stone, Duchene, etc) if they are available at the deadline.
I'm not totally sold that Boston wants to pay that kind of price again--first rounder + top prospect--but they will sniff around.
Wouldn't it be something to see them go after Jimmy Vesey though, after all the speculation before he signed?
Would just be a hilarious pursuit.
Randy Carlyle
How much longer do I have with the Ducks?
Thoughts on carlyle’s Job situation? Would really love to have Q in Anaheim... just sayin..
Gavin Lee
I don't think you're alone in that Al.
I haven't heard any real rumblings about the Ducks firing Carlyle, but to be honest I'm always surprised he lasts as long as he does.
The Ducks have big problems on the roster, but they also have arguably the best goaltender in the league.
You have to wonder what a coaching change might do for them, if only to give them a different look for a while.
With regards to Quenneville? The one thing that may get in the way is salary, given what they're probably paying Carlyle already. (I don't think his number is public)
The Hawks aren't going to let him go somewhere without an agreement to cover a good chunk of the $6MM owed to him.
Does Anaheim really want to pay two, for an outside chance this season?
How the heck are the Canucks leading their division with injuries to Edler, Tanev, Sutter, Baertchi and Boeser? I know Petterson is the real deal - but there must be something else going on
Gavin Lee
Legitimate NHL contributions from players like Virtanen, Goldobin and Pouliot have gone a long way.
All players who have struggled in the past, but look like valid roster players (if not more) suddenly.
Plus, adding a superstar performer really helps.
How much are you buying Domi's hot start?
Gavin Lee
To be totally honest he looks like a completely different player.
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