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PHR Post-Deadline Live Chat
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Gavin Lee
Hello and welcome everyone!
Deadline day was kind of a bust, but deadline season has been great this year!
So much movement over the last few weeks.
Before we get into the questions, I just wanted to reveal a little bit of an update.

Today is my last day as PHR's managing editor. I'll still be around for another few months in a smaller role, but it is time for me to move on.

I was part of the original team that launched PHR way back in 2016. One of my first shifts was during the infamous Subban/Weber, Hall/Larsson, Stamkos re-signing 30-minute stretch. It's been a long journey since then.

As I take a step back, I'm excited to introduce four new writers to our family. Ken MacMillan, Tanner Holubar, Brennan McClain, and Josh Cybulski are all part of the team that you'll see more of moving forward.

Before I get into the chat, I just want to thank everyone that has read and commented on my stories the past seven years. Even if you were calling me an idiot or a know-nothing, I appreciate it.
Okay deadline day!
What’s the plan for the Capitals this offseason? Do they bring Orlov or Gus back?
Gavin Lee
It's very rare that players go back after a team trades them. I think it's only really happened a handful of times.
Orlov in particular seems like he's been quite a good fit for Boston, so perhaps he re-signs there instead.
But for the Capitals, I think they are trying to reload with a different, younger group.
Not a bunch of prospects, but guys that may not be quite as complacent or comfortable.
I wouldn't be surprised to see them flip a few of those draft picks for NHL-ready players at the draft, to try and give it another go with Ovechkin
Since you're going to get "biggest winners/losers" question, lets try something else

What were the most useless trades made this week? The ones that make you say "WTF?"
Gavin Lee
That Filip Hronek deal is just...not what the Canucks should be doing.
It's not that he's a bad player—in fact some of the takes I saw about Chychrun obviously haven't watched Hronek at all the last few years
But the thing is he already doesn't provide much surplus value
If this was a $2.5MM Hronek, it would probably make sense as he could legitimately help them turn things around
But he's already 4.4, and will need a new contract after next season. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
Thoughts on Detroits moves?
Gavin Lee
That said, I didn't really love it from Detroit's point of view either?
I understand selling pieces when you're not there, but I'm a little confused at where the Red Wings believe they are
If they're still early in the rebuild, like Yzerman said today—why re-sign Larkin?
He's got lots of good hockey ahead of him, but if it's still going to take a number of years, is that the best play right now?
If they are trying to make the playoffs next year, wouldn't Hronek help in that chase?
It just seemed a bit disjointed to me, although he landed pretty good value for his assets
Did the Devils do enough in the arms race that is the East to make a serious run in the playoffs??
Gavin Lee
Well they landed the best player available. Timo Meier isn't just a second-line addition, he's a legitimate star.
Now, will they make a serious run?
If I was betting, I would probably say no
It's going to be a gauntlet in the east, and the idea of that young team getting through the Rangers and then the Hurricanes is a little hard to imagine for me
But in terms of building the team, I don't think anyone should be disappointed in the front office, even if they get knocked out in the first round
Lots and lots of talent in New Jersey, with more coming
The fact that they didn't need to move Hughes, Mercer, Holtz, or Nemec in that Meier deal is...quite something
Why did the JVR trade not go through? I’m confused was it bc the red wings wanted to trade someone away first?
Gavin Lee
I am completely speculating here, but I think the Red Wings were going to flip him with salary retained
but they have already retained on 3 players, so couldn't
And there was a miscommunication somewhere about that
Unleash the Kraken
What are your thoughts on the Kraken's second ever trade deadline, with the team standing pat this outside of a depth addition in Megna? Do you think there was a trade out there they should have made?
Gavin Lee
You will have to get used to patience (or perhaps inaction) with Francis as your GM
He just doesn't go crazy in situations like this
That said, I don't think it's a terrible idea for them to stand pat
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