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Tigers Offseason In Review Chat
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Darragh McDonald
Okay, welcome to the Tigers' chat.
Let's dive right in.
Michigan and Trumbull
Should we expect to see Kerry Carpenter and Ryan Kreidler on the major league team this year?
Darragh McDonald
At some point, sure.
Kreidler struggled in his first taste of the majors and might get some more time at Triple-A to start.
Carpenter's debut was more encouraging, however, and he should probably be in the bigs to start.
Does Kerry Carpenter get regular DH or outfield ABs?
Darragh McDonald
I would guess there's some rotating. All of Carpenter, Greene, Baddoo and Meadows hit left-handed.
You could get the right-handed Vierling in there situationally. Against righties, they could take turns in the DH slot.
It also depends how much playing time they want to give Miggy.
Did YOU believe the Tigers were ready to come out of their rebuild after the 2021 season? Did any alarm bells go off and make you think they weren’t ready?
Darragh McDonald
I predicted the Tigers to get a wild card spot in 2022, yes. I thought the rotation was good. Greene and Torkelson were coming. They spent big in the offseason. The division seemed weak.
But basically everyone was either hurt or bad. And then the Guardians were on the opposite end, where all their young guys seemingly beat expectations.
Terence R
What is the current likelihoods that either Javy Baez or Eduardo Rodriguez opt out of their contracts at the end of the '23 season?
Darragh McDonald
I would guess fairly low based on 2022.
Baez will have about four years and roughly 100MM left. He would need a really strong season to leave that on the table. Though the free agent class is pretty weak, so maybe that helps him.
E-Rod is perhaps more likely, since he'll have about 3/50 left on his deal.
Will Flores make his MLB debut before seasons end?
Darragh McDonald
Certainly seems feasible. He made 19 Double-A starts last year and should be in Triple-A this year.
Boyd and Lorenzen seem likely to be midseason trades chips, which could open up a spot for Flores to audition if he's dealing in the minors. I'd lean yes, depending on his health.
This offseason absolutely turned me off from our ownership. This was the best free agent class in years and they didn't do a thing. Is it too much to ask to sign a single player to a multi-year deal?
Darragh McDonald
I normally approve of teams spending and being aggressive, but I think a modest offseason was defensible in this case.
Free agent signees are most valuable at the beginning of the deal, before natural aging curves drag them down. You want to line up your spending with your win-now seasons.
This wasn't really that for Detroit after such a rough season in 2022.
Going forward, Miggy will be off the books and they can have a better idea of what to expect from Mize, Manning, Skubal, Tork and various other guys.
David B
Little bit of daydreaming here but of the 2023-24 Free Agent class, who does Detroit have a good shot of acquiring?
Darragh McDonald
The class is much better on the pitching side than the position player side. You've got Aaron Nola and Julio Urias on the top end but a bunch of other guys in the middle that could be appealing, depending on 2023.
Jack Flaherty, Lucas Giolito, Sonny Gray. Tyler Mahle. Jordan Montgomery. James Paxton. Luis Severino. Blake Snell. Noah Syndergaard. Alex Wood.
Max Scherzer, Andrew Heaney, Sean Manaea, Marcus Stroman, Ross Stripling have opt-outs.
Then there's Ohtani, of course.
But it's a strong group of starters.
Peter K
Do you see this year as just a wait-and-see year or do you think Scott Harris is embarking on a brand new rebuild? When do you see the Tigers returning to contention?
Darragh McDonald
There's not much to tear down at this point. Baez and E-Rod are the only two players on the books after this year.
As mentioned, both could opt out after this year.
So, it's just about when they think they have a good core that's worth building around. That could be as soon as this year if a lot goes right with guys like Torkelson and the pitchers.
Shohei Ohtani
Will Lorenzen get a single at bat this year?
Darragh McDonald
I would love to see it but the Tigers said no. Maybe in a blowout or something. But even then, they probably won't want to take the risk that he hurts himself.
If things were to go south quickly this season, would Javy Baez and/or Ed. Rodriguez have trade value from other clubs?
Darragh McDonald
Trading guys with opt-outs is generally pretty complicated. For the acquiring team, there's the down side of the guy getting hurt after the deal. This was apparently part of the reason the Giants didn't deal Rodon last year.
Josh A
10 homers for Miggy: over or under?
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