Dan Szymborski FanGraphs Chat - 6/21/17
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Dan Szymborski
The whole Reggie Cleveland All-Stars!
True story, I didn't realize Lew Ford was an actual person when he was drafted.
Back when he was drafted, the Red Sox had Darren Lewis and Damon Buford splitting a lot of the time in CF and people were calling that combination Lewford.
So when the Red Sox actually drafted a Lew Ford, I didn't realize it was an actual guy and people weren't just talking about Lewis and Buford.
Murse Wigwam
Did you read the Sports Illustrated article on the middle aged writer trying to hit a HR out of a major league park?  Twas interesting
Dan Szymborski
'twas fun.
Nick Markakis
I'm assuming that means you believe I'll make it to 3000. Thanks for the support!
Dan Szymborski
OK guys, gotta head out.  I do have my jotcast password saved on this PC now, so hopefully I can get in next week if I'm using this one!
Have a great one!  You can read my work at ESPN.com, chats and projections at FanGraphs, and DSzymborski on Twitter.