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Dave Cameron
Seems like the Strasburg deal is going to be the obvious comp. Young high K pitcher with recent-ish TJ.
And we have a trade.
Mariners send Tyler O'Neill to STL for Marco Gonzales
Jerry Dipoto continues to stock up on soft-tossing back-end starters.
Even after mentioning the "all prospects are risky" argument in your post about the White Sox, the first post starts with, "All prospects are risky, and I think looking for the elite level talents is just as safe as looking for high floor/low ceiling players." Do things like that make you wonder if people even read what you write?
Dave Cameron
People just want to defend anything they see as remotely criticism of their team's players.
Doesn't matter if there is logic or fact behind it. "My guy is awesome and don't tell me otherwise" is 90% of the responses.
I read you article the other day about the white sox prospects. Why do you say Rutheford is playing like a busted prospect. I know the lack of HR's is as problem, but otherwise he's been solid with a .280 ba and a .340 obp. Scouts still say he has power so isnt it just that he is young and hasnt accesed all of his power and that minor league pitchers dont throw striks, thats the problem. Similar to judge who never hit for a high average or power in the minors, but once he saw more strikes in the majors, started acssesing said power.
Dave Cameron
He's a 20 year old future corner outfielder putting a league average batting line in low-A ball.
That's bad.
Legit bat-first players don't usually run .109 ISOs in the low minors.
In low-A ball, Judge ran a 167 wRC+.
Hunky Dory
Marco Gonzales for Tyler O'Neill?  What the hell?!
Dave Cameron
Tyler O'Neill isn't anything special.
Gonzales isn't either, of course, but this is a trade of guys who probably have middling MLB careers.
Joe Douglas
23 trades to go until Jeff returns
Dave Cameron
At some point I'll just tell him to stay up on his mountain.
Alright, off to go do some writing.
Thanks for hanging out everyone.