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Jeff Sullivan FanGraphs Chat -- 9/30/16
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Do you think the standings would be significantly different if the Yankees held onto Chapman/Miller/Beltran?
Jeff Sullivan
The Yankees are 31-24 since the start of August, with a low bullpen ERA. I don't think they'd be in much of a better position
Brian Sabean recently made comments to the effect that Belt is not a middle of the order guy, but the numbers suggest he's their best hitter. Was he getting the fan base ready for possibly moving Belt (who I like). The media here seems obsessed with getting a "30HR 100RBI" type, and that is not Belt.
Jeff Sullivan
I don't think the Giants are going to be in a hurry to move Belt, and they know better than anyone that you don't need a bunch of power all through the lineup in order to succeed. Of some note, Belt has twice as many career road homers as home homers. I imagine the main criticism here is consistency; Belt isn't the day-to-day threat the Giants would like him to be
Trea Turner obviously has a great batting eye - he was running a 10% BB rate in AAA this year before the callup. But in the bigs it's only been 3.2% - which, you don't really care about when he's hitting .336/.357/.550. Obviously he's hot, but he's also just getting so many strikes, and punishing them. I get pitchers really not wanting to give him a free base, given there's a good chance he ends up on 2nd or 3rd very quickly, but what do you see changing in how he's pitched, going forward? He's obviously not *this* good (right?), but he's also a guy who's going to run a true-talent BABIP in the .350s, so there doesn't really seem to be any easy answer here.
Jeff Sullivan
As pitchers start to look beyond Turner's build and understand that he can really drive the ball, they'll naturally start to avoid the zone and throw fewer fastballs. Already, his heater rate is fairly low. But as he proves he can punish strikes, he's going to earn the walks he'll start to draw in 2017. His bat-to-ball skill could be a little better but Turner couldn't be having a better stretch
I need to get rolling -- lots to do before a trip to a ballgame
So thank you everybody for hanging out, and I'm sorry for what I didn't or couldn't address. We'll do it again next week at the same time, and until then, be well and have great days