Live Chat with MLBTR's Steve Adams: 6/27/17
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If you had to guess, which team will wait the longest between right now and their next postseason appearance?
Steve Adams
Padres or Phillies would get my vote
Smokey Joe
What would it take for the Braves to get Archer (if he gets moved)?
Steve Adams
A ton. It would probably genuinely infuriate Braves fans simply because of the level of prospects they'd have to give up. Start with Albies, Newcomb, add from there. I'd imagine we're talking a package of five players with three really notable headliners. I'd expect the Rays to ask for Swanson as well.

Archer is on such a ridiculously friendly contract and is so good that it's hard for me to see Tampa Bay making the move at all
Trade Machine
Judge for Harper who says no (for fun)
Steve Adams
Ha. Probably the Yankees -- six more years of Judge vs. nine months of Harper before free agency
Chris Carter
Is my career over? I led the NL in homerun last year!
Steve Adams
He'll catch on somewhere. I wonder if he'll consider Asian ball more seriously now. He had interest from Japanese clubs this winter.
Who's a realistic trade candidate for the Brewers for a potential playoff stretch that doesn;t involve upending Stearns' rebuild?
Steve Adams
I actually don't mind them as a candidate for someone like Sonny Gray... maybe you'd consider that upending the rebuild, but a pitcher with multiple years of control remaining beyond 2017 would work for Milwaukee.

If you're looking at rentals with low costs of acquisition, I thought Trevor Cahill's breakout was one of the most intriguing elements in the league earlier this season... If he's healthy, I'm buying the numbers, and he wouldn't break the bank but would drastically improve the rotation.
Is Robbie Ray a legit "top-5" NL pitcher the rest of the year? You like him? Don't like him?
Steve Adams
I love Ray, but I wouldn't put him in the top five arms in the NL for the rest of the season. He's not even the best one on his own team.
Ok I've got to wrap up for the week. Jason chats tomorrow night at 6:30 CT, Jeff on Thursday at 2 CT.

Thanks for chatting everyone!