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Jeffrey Todd
Well, they are going to be replacing (or re-signing) at least three starters, so there's still a ton of work to be done. I wouldn't be surprised at a significant addition, but I don't think the org wants to or will just go nuts in FA.
Curly W
You say don't put too much stock in ST. Does that include Harper's spring after his power numbers dropped off 2nd h
Jeffrey Todd
There are relevant things happening. You can certainly take some added promise from a player, so long as you take a close look that includes more than just looking at numbers. In Harper's case, sure, you can probably raise the expectations a bit.
I was being glib w/r/t the Reds guys ... just saying, their true talent levels based on scouting reports and such are more relevant than a few spring outings.
Okay ya'll.
I'm through the queue and think I've answered all I can. Plus I have to come back and chat on Thursday. Chatting on one day's rest is a bear.
I'll talk to you then; thanks as always!