MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: April 5, 2017
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Who is your favorite player all time named Martinez?
Jason Martinez
What are the options for the jays lineup to get younger this seaaon
Jason Martinez
I think Dalton Pompey will get an opportunity if he has a few good weeks in AAA once he's healthy. Rowdy Tellez is very young (only 22) but he could force his way to the majors if he hits in AAA and Smoak continues to not do much at the MLB level.
Why did the rockies designate Castro?
Jason Martinez
They could've just recalled Rayan Gonzalez (Tommy John surgery) and placed him on the 60-Day DL, so Castro's stock must be way down. When they acquired him in the Tulo deal, he still had some upside as a starter. Never really happened, though. He has a really good arm so I doubt he makes it through waivers.
Why would The Braves trade several prospects for Machado when they can just sign him in FA??!! Thanks!
Jason Martinez
Under contract thru the 2018 season. They'd have to trade for him before then. If O's fall out of contention, this could happen as soon as this July.
Hello, Jason. Who do you think will win NL East Division (I know this season is very early)?
Jason Martinez
Nats and Mets are both very good. I'd say whichever one of those teams has the healthier starting rotation. Mets already lost Matz and Lugo. Nats need Strasburg to stay healthy.
Bundy just finished 7 looking very strong. Does he or Gausman have more value now? Can either be a true ace?
Jason Martinez
Maybe not an "ace" like Kershaw, Bumgarner, Sale, Scherzer, but capable of being good top-of-the-rotation starters. Both are still young and were top prospects for a reason. Orioles need them to step up this year and they are capable.
Sad guy
Is moncada a bust?
Jason Martinez
Not at all. Top prospect in baseball, he's only 21 and has only played 45 games in AA. Even Mike Trout struggled in his 1st MLB stint.
Jeff from Israel
Hi Jason, I'm wondering why Wins are given to closers after they've blown a save. Shouldn't there be some sort of decision from stat people for who deserves credit for the win?
Jason Martinez
I believe the Official Scorekeeper can give the "Win" to whichever pitcher they feel is most deserving. Or that might only apply when a starter doesn't pitch 5 innings and exits with a lead. In any case, that would be a tough thing to decide. I think it makes sense now to give it to whoever is pitching when the team gets a lead.
Peter pan
You think Dave Dombrowski should've held on to Moncada?
Jason Martinez
For 3 years of Sale, I don't think he overpaid. We won't know until the season ends, but I'm pretty sure that move was necessary with Price's status in the air because of his elbow injury.
OK, I'm outta heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere. Good chat. Feel free to tweet @mlbdepthcharts if I didn't get to your question. Same time and place next week.