Promote your art with a dynamic fan engagement platform.

Our live chat solutions connect you with your audience like never before.

Immerse Your Audience
Art isn't just about the art itself. It's also about the person behind that art and how it's shared with others. Connecting with your audience and inspiring thoughtful discussion is the ultimate goal of artistic expression and creativity. JotCast is the ideal fan engagement platform. With moderated chats from JotCast, you can build real connections, inspire art critiques, and build your community. Using this fan engagement technology, people can get to know you personally, while you control how much to share. With the opportunity to share pictures and videos directly through the chat, you can give visitors exclusive first-looks and listens that will keep them coming back. Let your creativity and message flourish with JotCast.
Checkmark Grow and interact with fans
Checkmark Share artwork in real-time
Checkmark Foster creativity
Chat Hosting Solution
Checkmark Your audience only sees the content you choose
Checkmark Embed and play YouTube videos directly in the chat
Checkmark Embed on your website or link to ours - no apps or plugins required
Checkmark Use polls and quizzes to receive instant feedback
Checkmark Monitor the reach of your event with quantitative data
Checkmark Use private messages to troubleshoot audio or visual problems
Checkmark Pair JotCast with your own video source for two-way interaction
Checkmark Perfectly match the look and feel of your website
Get Dynamic
JotCast is a fan engagement platform built on the principle that delivering static, one-way content is outdated and stale. It's not enough to show people your art—you want to allow people to interact directly with you. JotCast features a number of tools that foster interaction. You can respond to users privately, use polls and quizzes, add content from YouTube and SoundCloud, and more. The best part is that, with moderation, you ensure that your chat stays on track at all times.
It's Easy to Get Started
On top of being a powerful fan engagement platform, JotCast is incredibly easy to set up and use. To use our fan engagement technology, all you have to do is choose the right pricing plan for your needs and name your chat. The chat can easily be embedded in any site you like, and the look is fully customizable, so you can add extra artistic flair.

Plus, you're always free to contact us with any questions, and we can help you out. Bring a new dimension to your art with JotCast!
JotCast is the solution for hosting moderated group chats
Founded in 2015, JotCast has grown to be trusted by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to personal bloggers, who all count on our responsive software to make the most of their live events. Let us show you why JotCast is your solution for hosting moderated chats.