Moderated live group chats that drive engagement

JotCast is the leading platform for hosting your live events. It's the perfect tool for businesses, influencers, webcasts, Q&As, and anyone looking to interact with their community.

Delivering static, one-way content is outdated and stale.

JotCast is the group communications app that delivers real-time engaging content experiences. Interacting directly with your audience breaks down barriers and keeps them coming back for more. Plus, it has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and competitive pricing. JotCast is the perfect platform to elevate your brand and take your live events to the next level of audience engagement.

The chat hosting solution you've been looking for

JotCast is the live group chat you need to help you connect with your audience - and for them to connect with each other. Live chats help facilitate communication, and from there, rich and diverse online communities are born and enhanced. But unlike typical chat rooms, our powerful moderation tools ensure that the conversation always stays on topic and respectful. With JotCast, you'll never deal with an unruly chat again.

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JotCast perfectly complements a wide variety of live events
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Checkmark Webcasts
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Checkmark Sports Coverage
Checkmark Reporting
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Engage your audience to realize your full potential

JotCast increases engagement with your audience. From there, you can form a community and create personal investment via chats, which encourages brand loyalty and leads to an increased likelihood of audience members following through with a call-to-action. Live chats with JotCast are as effective as they are captivating, and they'll keep your participants coming back for more.

Getting started is quick and easy

With JotCast, creating a live group chat couldn't be simpler. Just choose a name for your chat, and that's it! Or, take some time to customize the settings for your event. Either way, your group communication app will be up and running within minutes. It's perfect for educators and others who want a reliable system quickly. We'll provide you with code to embed the chat directly into your website, or you can use a link to your own personal chat hosted on our website. With JotCast, you get ultimate flexibility, and there's no need to install plugins or anything at all. All the chat tools for businesses and more are easily accessible. Plus, the interface works seamlessly across all devices, and it's free to get started. There are no more hurdles for interactive chats.

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Get started with JotCast today
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Checkmark No apps or plugins required
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Effective Moderation Features

Using the moderation tools offered by JotCast's live group chat puts you in control of the conversation at all times. Keep your discussions on-topic and your messaging on-brand while cutting out distractions and disruptions. That way, your live events can stay both fun and focused, leaving your audience with memorable and extraordinary experiences.

Use JotCast to maintain control of the conversation at all times
Checkmark Your audience only sees the content you choose
Checkmark Support for unlimited simultaneous moderators
Checkmark Reply directly to messages, even after they're published
Checkmark Publish new messages at the top or bottom of your chat
Checkmark Edit and delete unpublished and published messages
Checkmark Quickly search and filter incoming messages
Checkmark Duplicate messages are automatically filtered
Checkmark Auto-publish messages from trusted users
Checkmark Block incoming messages from troublesome users

Private Messages

Even in a live group chat, JotCast's private messaging feature lets you talk with participants one-on-one. These individual conversations can happen between a moderator and a user, or between two moderators. Moderators also have the option to allow two users to communicate directly with each other, fostering connection and community within the chat. Use private messaging to troubleshoot an issue with an individual participant without derailing the chat, or to provide a more personal touch to your events. This is the group communications app that lets you get personal.

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JotCast enables direct communication
Checkmark Private communication between moderators or a moderator and user
Checkmark Configurable to allow private messages between two regular users
Checkmark Further develops connection and community
Digital Security

Secure, encrypted private chats

Sometimes, group chats can contain sensitive data. For these events, JotCast offers private, password protected chats. Create a secure password, and share it only with the attendees that you want to admit to your event. Once they've joined, the alias of your users and the messages sent in these chats are automatically encrypted using industry accepted best practices. With JotCast's private chats, you can rest assured knowing that the identity of your users and their data is safe.

JotCast private chats ensure your data is secure and protected
Checkmark Host large group chats while keeping your data protected
Checkmark Restrict access to your chats with password protection
Checkmark The identity of users and their messages are securely encrypted

Complements various video platforms

Incorporate live group chats into your video presentations and webcasts with JotCast. Pairing our group communications app with your video content allows you to gauge audience reaction in real-time and offers a truly interactive experience. JotCast works with virtually all video sources, and our private messaging feature enables you to troubleshoot any audio or visual technical difficulties participants may encounter. These are the business chat tools central to modern events. Add JotCast alongside your videos and get the audience more involved than ever.

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Use JotCast alongside video presentations for the best audience experience
Checkmark Embed and play YouTube videos directly in the chat
Checkmark Pair JotCast with your own video source for two-way interaction
Checkmark Use private messages to troubleshoot audio or visual problems
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Interactive Features

JotCast takes live group chats to the next level by including interactive features. Moderators can create polls and quizzes for the audience to participate in, enabling them to receive instant feedback and adding a dynamic aspect to the event. Moderators can also choose to enable reactions, allowing users to add emojis to published messages. The peanut gallery lets users comment on published messages without affecting the flow of the chat, keeping your audience engaged at all times. And finally, JotCast's discussion board feature ensures the conversation can continue even after the live event ends, strengthening connections and the interest of the audience members. With JotCast, your audience gets to feel like they're a vital part of your event.

JotCast offers unique interactive features
Checkmark Use polls and quizzes to receive instant feedback
Checkmark Reactions and peanut gallery keep users more engaged
Checkmark Discussion board continues the conversation after your event ends

Match your brand's look and feel with custom styles

With JotCast, it's incredibly easy to customize all aspects of how your live group chats appear - with absolutely no knowledge of CSS required! JotCast's theme creator empowers you to create a chat using our group communications app that blends in perfectly with your website. You can also add your logo to your chats to further increase your brand presence. Make your chat your own with JotCast.

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Use JotCast themes to perfectly match your brand
Checkmark Customize chat colors and font with no CSS required
Checkmark Perfectly match the look and feel of your website
Checkmark Brand your chats with your logo
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Real-Time Analytics

Analytics enable you to gain valuable insights into your live events and group chats. JotCast provides detailed analytics to help you quantify the performance of your events in real-time. Use interactive graphs to track your audience size throughout the event or measure your effectiveness in responding to user questions. Get the data you need to fuel your live events with business chat tools from JotCast.

Real-time analytics provide you with essential datapoints
Checkmark Monitor the reach of your event with quantitative data
Checkmark Interactive graphs allow you to gain valuable insights
Checkmark Easily export the data for all your live events

Supports many languages

JotCast hosts clients from around the globe. Our platform supports multiple languages, allowing your live group chats to reach a worldwide audience.

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JotCast is the solution for hosting moderated group chats
JotCast was created to be an easy-to-use, scalable way to host live group chats and interact with your audience. Whatever your needs are, our group communications app gives your audience a comfortable, fun, memorable experience, all while you control the conversation and achieve your goals. Our platform is trusted by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to personal bloggers, who can all count on JotCast's responsive software to make the most of their live events. Start your free chat and we'll show you why JotCast is your perfect solution for hosting moderated chats.