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Enterprise chat solutions that offer real-time, two-way communication.

Personalize Your Corporation
Corporations often have a reputation as faceless entities. JotCast provides the ideal enterprise chat solution that will transform your interaction with consumers forever. It's all possible with our advanced business chat moderation and communication tools that enable you to be seen in a personal, approachable way. Consumers appreciate a level of intimacy. Give it to them and see your business revamp thanks to our business chat apps.
Checkmark Increase Personalization
Checkmark Direct communication with control
Checkmark Easy integration
Chat Hosting Solution
Checkmark Your audience only sees the content you choose
Checkmark Further develops connection and community
Checkmark Pair JotCast with your own video source for two-way interaction
Checkmark Use polls and quizzes to receive instant feedback
Checkmark Interactive graphs allow you to gain valuable insights
Checkmark Quickly search and filter incoming messages
Checkmark Support for unlimited simultaneous moderators
Checkmark Easily export the data for all your live events
Fully-Realized Communication
Modern tools like our business live chats offer a new way for corporations to get involved with their customer base. With our chats, you get real-time, two-way communication where you control the conversation. Customers can talk and interact freely, but you still have the power to shape the outcome. As a result, you get an open forum and intimacy with your customers that's guaranteed to be beneficial.
Integrate Seamlessly
JotCast's business chats can easily coordinate with your other communication methods. Brand all your chats with your logo, or link to your blogs for consistent, cohesive messaging. Our enterprise chat solutions are also easy to get on the page. Copy over an embed code or use our on-site chat hosting, and your chat is up and running. All you have to do is give it a name. Business chat apps at JotCast let you smoothly combine your content with little to no effort.

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JotCast is the solution for hosting moderated group chats
Founded in 2015, JotCast has grown to be trusted by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to personal bloggers, who all count on our responsive software to make the most of their live events. Let us show you why JotCast is your solution for hosting moderated chats.