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Engage your audience with JotCast's flexible chat solutions for businesses that are built to work with your industry. From teachers to artists to corporations, we provide chat solutions for everyone.
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Chat That Meets Your Needs

In the modern world, live group chats offer new ways for an audience to interact with content. However, until recently, the capabilities have been limited. JotCast's diverse collection of tools adds customization and control opportunities to your moderated chat. Offer polls and quizzes to your students. Use reactions to get real-time feedback from your audience. Integrate the content you need right next to the chat. With our live chat solutions, you can create the ideal chat experience, no matter what your goals are.

Fostering Meaningful Connections for Any Industry

Get real-time feedback on your work and block out unconstructive criticism.
Gain valuable insights into your events and group chats with analytics.
Engage directly with your followers while controlling your image and the conversation.
Discover the issues that matter to your readers and track engagement with your publication.
Get your audience excited about the game with engaging chats that keep participants coming back for more.
Use polls and reactions to get student feedback in real-time and quizzes to see how much they've learned.
Filter out troublesome participants with moderation while offering students a voice across campus.
Pair video content with your broadcast using video platform integrations.


Checkmark Chat solutions are offered in various price tiers to meet your needs and budget
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Checkmark Businesses can opt for a professional chat solutions plan that features unlimited users and moderators
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Making the Most of Remote Opportunities

Our live chat solutions will ensure that your digital events feel as if the audience is right in the middle of the action. And, no one will have to miss out thanks to JotCast's universal functionality. The platform functions seamlessly on all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices of any operating system, and there are no downloads required. Simply curate your experience by either embedding the chat directly onto your site or using a link to host the chat on our site.
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Branding Perfected

Intentional branding is crucial to the success of your online presence. The more cohesive your brand is, the better. Enhance your brand visibility with live chat solutions that offer a customizable visual style to perfectly match your image. And, you don't need to know anything about web design to make it work. Enjoy easy access to customization options with only a few clicks. Plus, you can add your logo right onto the chat window. Whether you want a colorful chat for artistic or influencing purposes or a sleek, professional look for your business chat solutions, we can make it happen. This is the peak intersection of form and function.


How does chat moderation work?

Chat moderation is the core of our live chat solutions and allows the host to filter incoming messages for inappropriate content. The moderator receives posted chats and other content before they go live. They can then choose which ones appear public and which are removed.

What do I do if my chat isn't working?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us directly if you can't get the chat running! Our goal is to offer you the simplest chat solutions around, and we'll guide or troubleshoot you through any issues you run into. When you work with us, you're guaranteed a smooth experience. Stay calm and we'll take care of everything.

What can I do with analytics?

Real-time analytics through our live chat solutions are yours to use however you see fit. Most often clients use them for insights on event performance, audience engagement, and much more. With these insights, you get great feedback on your events and can better plan for the future.

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