Delivering static, one-way content is outdated and stale.

JotCast enables you to deliver real-time engaging content experiences.

Engage with your audience during the big game using moderated chats to offer a fully interactive experience. Live chats are the perfect tool to foster community and build connections amongst sports fans. You can gain instant feedback with polls and quizzes, and integration with Twitter enables you to harness the power of social media by publishing tweets directly into your chat. Use moderated chats for your audience to get the most out of the game they love.
Checkmark Increase User Engagement
Checkmark Direct communication with control
Checkmark Real-time updates
Chat Hosting Solution
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Checkmark Perfectly match the look and feel of your website
Checkmark Duplicate messages are automatically filtered
Checkmark Block incoming messages from troublesome users
Checkmark Further develops connection and community
Checkmark Easily export the data for all your live events
Checkmark Monitor the reach of your event with quantitative data
Checkmark Interactive graphs allow you to gain valuable insights
JotCast is the solution for hosting moderated group chats
Founded in 2015, JotCast has grown to be trusted by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to personal bloggers, who all count on our responsive software to make the most of their live events. Let us show you why JotCast is your solution for hosting moderated chats.