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Our college live chat tools foster connections with students & alumni.

Connect with Students
Universities attract students from all over the globe. With university chat solutions from JotCast, universities are able to effectively communicate with prospective students and alumni worldwide. With our college chat apps, admissions departments can answer questions from would-be students in real time while maintaining full control of the conversation. Moderated college live chats help form connections, create community, and bring out your school spirit, even through a screen.
Checkmark Student connections and community
Checkmark Simple communication and control
Checkmark Real-time feedback
Chat Hosting Solution
Checkmark Your audience only sees the content you choose
Checkmark Support for unlimited simultaneous moderators
Checkmark Pair JotCast with your own video source for two-way interaction
Checkmark Further develops connection and community
Checkmark Perfectly match the look and feel of your website
Checkmark Brand your chats with your logo
Checkmark Monitor the reach of your event with quantitative data
Checkmark Easily export the data for all your live events
Foster a Community
Universities can feel daunting to students due to their size and impersonal operations. Our university chat solutions offer large-scale communications that feel small and personal to the user. Use polls and quizzes to get to know students, and keep them engaged with our interactive features. JotCast provides the perfect tools to integrate hesitant applicants into the university atmosphere.
Simple to Use
Our university chat solutions are simple and intuitive to use. Embed our chats on any site and you can get started easily. All you have to do is choose your pricing plan and create a name for your chat. Our college chat apps also feature a number of customization features. Apply your university's branding and fully customize the look and feel of your college live chat to merge seamlessly with your other site content. It's a simple way to create a more personal chat experience for students and alumni.

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