About Us

JotCast was founded by Eric Perchuk and Mark Wolfe, who have been friends for nearly twenty years and counting. Eric is an avid baseball fan with a borderline unhealthy obsession for consuming as much baseball reading material as possible. He has been engaging in live baseball chats online for many years and, frustrated with the lackluster options on the market, enlisted Mark's help to create a superior chat-hosting service.

Mark, the current reigning champion of their fantasy baseball league despite consuming a much healthier amount of baseball information, also shares Eric's passion for software engineering. The two began taking Computer Science classes together as far back as high school, when they had to travel to a nearby school in the same district, as classes were not available in their hometown school.

Eric and Mark began working on JotCast in 2012. Unsatisfied with the quality of the earlier versions, they completely overhauled the codebase multiple times during many late night coding sessions, fueled by virtually every programmer's native energy source - pizza and beer. Finally satisfied with the product, JotCast was launched in 2015. Eric and Mark continue to brainstorm and develop new features for JotCast in order to continuously improve the overall user experience.