JotCast for Bloggers

Real-time Feedback

Cyberspace can sometimes feel like an endless void. One wonders: Am I reaching anyone? Do people share my views? Getting feedback from readers in real-time can help to make sure a blog stays relevant as well as generate ideas for future posts. Moreover, being able to express their views in real time incentivizes readers to visit the blog regularly so that they're in the loop for discussions.


A chat is more dynamic than a comments section, allowing readers to feel heard and for bloggers to create a sense of community with their sites' visitors. An increase in engagement means a longer time spent on the site and a larger emotional investment. A site's regular visitors are its best ambassadors. More engagement with readers can cultivate return visits to your blog, resulting in a larger, more dedicated audience.


Interacting with readers doesn't have to mean allowing hate speech. Moderated chats allow bloggers to steer the conversation in a way that is the most productive and representative of their brand. Allow your readers to get to know you in a way that lets you feel comfortable, but not too vulnerable.

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